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Music: Soledad Brothers " Steal your soul and dare your spirit to move"

I had an o.k. weekend..... finally saw "Hellboy". i thought it was cute and funny. No, I don't think you would find those two words under any part of a review of this movie. more like "skip it" or "hell no". but i thought it was entertaining. I would not mind having a little "hellboy" toy doll, he was such a cute little monster! yeah, i would have been a little pissed if i had seen it in the theaters for 12 bucks.
On Sunday some friends and I went to see Diane Lane in "The Fabulous Stains". It is/was playing at the theatre on Beverly Blvd for only 6 bucks. I loved it. The sound quality wasn't so hot but what do you expect for such an old flick that hasn't been remastered yet. I definatly want to own this on DVD when it comes out. Diane Lane was/still is ... hot! I mean, she is one of those clasic beautiful women who get better looking with age. I was surprised to see Laura Dern in the movie as well as E. G. Daly. The lead singer of the English boy punk band reminded me of James Chance. They were really good but The Stains sucked. :) it was a funny flick, not quite spinal tap but totally worth the 6 bucks.
We had planned to stay to see the whole double bill with school of rock to but, it was so f'ing hot in the theatre we didn't stay.

instead we went to Chebo's to eat. our friend roger told us about the place only what he had read about it so we were all game for something new. first the prices were a little high and second it wasn't that much cooler in this place then the movie theatre. this was all forgiven as our very good looking waiter came to our aid with really great iced tea. we each had like 5 of 'em!

as the waiter read off the specials, i couldn't help but actually listen to them as we shared glances (ok, i was totally staring at him). are you suposed to look at them while they read the specials or just ignore them and stare at your menu? I was with two other girls and roger so i had to mention how hot our waiter was and the girls (who wouldn't) agreed with many giggles. The food was quite good. As i came back from the bathroom i passed by our waiter and he said "hey, thats a great shirt". i just said "thanks, yeah it is isn't it". ha ha it's like i don't know what to say, i don't know how to flirt (well, sometimes). why couldn't he just start making out with me? i would have responded to his advantage, thats for sure. why don't guys just pull our hair and drag us to the cave anymore? man, i'm living in the wrong time!
ok, so maybe he really did just like the shirt.... hee hee. who wouldn't like a vintage stones shirt? at least he has good taste.

i talked everyone into going to amoeba after our early dinner. (that was easy to do) I told them that my b/f might be working there.... mr. levis - white t-shirt guy, i think he's even to cool to wear his amoeba shirt. so yes! he was there. i got one good look at him and i walked off to find a cd came back after some thought on what to ask him and couldn't find him. suze the stalker! he probably thinks a)i'm crazy showing up at amoeba at 4pm every other sunday b)doesn't even notice me c) also is very shy and goes running when he see's me come in. i'm hoping it's B! the girls came up to me and asked which one was he and i said "he's gone and they are all starting to look alike to me, they are all cute" we all laughed and got our stupid asses out of there as roger just rolled his eyes at us. poor roger.... having to put up with three girls all day long.

i did end up buying this rock 'n roll french cd because the cover looked cool and it had some french guy singing "paint it black". turns out it's pretty rocking, a good blind choice i must say! sometimes you CAN judge a cd by it's cover.

tonight is the start of the new season of Everwood..... i think the young couple who should have been together all along will finally get together! ha ha also renovate my family is on again (same time as everwood) they should show Jude alot tonight, he will be doing the familys hair and makeup and they will show the finished house from last monday. I'm looking forward to the gilmore girls new season. i'm sure as usual i will forget when everything is on as i start into Rocktober! LOL

ps - has anyone heard that song, well not really a song rather a guy talking over music (not really a rap) anyway... he's really honest and mentions homeless guys. if i were drinking anything at the time, it would have come out my nose! this was hilarious! i must own it. it was on 103.1 around 2:45 or so on sunday afternoon.

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