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4:07 PM

.......Lesson number one! always back up what you have!
.......Lesson number two! don't blog while you are at work!
.......Lesson nuber three! always write down your links!

hey guys - this may take awhile to remember everything that i had on the side of my it would be of great help if you could and let me know what was there; i.e. links of bands, photosites, artist, clubs, oh god.......FUCK!!
ok, must go walk the stairs right now and get my mind off of this shit!!
i'll get it right again! it may take a month or so but i will ........hey maybe i'll try and improve it or something, yeah! thats the way to look at it! an improvement.
damn improvements!!!
Suze (heavy sigh)

ah - a friend of mine said he knew of a way to find old archieves of my blog so i can copy and paste stuff back at least. ((rick when ya gonna e-mail me))
ok, got the e-mail..... looks like i have some serious work to do on it but for now you can try this link folks. SUZE'S "SAFE MODE" WEBSITE

ok, yeah, its midnight now. there is nothing more i can do until the folks at blogger fix the problem.
i've done a lot of changes since the above archive page!! man, i hope the problem gets fixed. i just went back and saved everything into a word format on my computer, just in case this happens again i will have my journal saved along with the links!
hey rick, if you can find an even more recent update archive.... that would be great.
i really appreciate what you have done so far!! you, my friend are getting a beer at largo - my treat!

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