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2:20 AM

music: 400 Blows / CoachWhips

i just got home from the smell and they don't name it that for nothing!! the place is right smack next to skid row! i walked by a homeless guy who was in his sleeping bag peeing.... it was, oh never mind you don't want to hear sad stories from me now. you wanna hear all about the bands i saw tonight don't you?!
well, it took forever to find a parking space for one thing then all these kids were hanging around outside in the alley so we thought we might have missed the coachwhips. nope. they went on last. we missed the first band, don't know who it was even. but the second band was fucking awful! it was an all girl band from frisco and ..... it's not even worth a mention. the singer or whatever you want to call what she was doing, was annoying as hell!
the next band was 400 blows - i later found out after they were done. i've always seen this name around and wanted to check them out. yay! finally got to! i took some photos not knowing who they were. they were speed metal! it just rocked. the energy that i needed after seeing the last band. the mosh pit was going and the drummer was super fast and wonderful! i think that if i ever were to start a band it would be a speed metal band. a melodic speed metal band!
next up on another stage, well not even a stage really it was more like the middle of the room on a dirt mound and broken concrete, was the coachwhips. the singer used to be in a band called the hospitals and they were on "in the red" record label. when he sings it sounds like he is singing through a megaphone, which i LOVE! they didn't even have a stage, they were in a corner but in the middle of the room set up on the floor so unless you were up front you couldn't see a damn thing. i just aimed my camera over my head and hoped for the best. a few times he stood on an amp and leaned against the wall so everyone could see him.
this guy started to talk to me after 400 blows were on, actually i asked for him to move back so i could get some photos, and he was very nice about it. i asked him who they were and after he told me he started talking to me, i felt bad because i couldn't understand him... the in between band-music was too loud and my ears were ringing at this point. don't you hate that when someone is talking to you as if you can really hear them and they just nod and smile. well, this is what i was doing to him. i was annoying myself having to say "what" all the time... but i picked out bits and pieces of the conversation and tried to figure out what he was saying... he mentioned "Sun Ra" and i was like... how the hell did that come up ? to myself. so i told him that my friend roger was really into sun ra and he played me a cd, which i don't remember and i was blown away. but that was a long long time ago. so he started talking "jazz music" to me a little. he said he felt really old there. i felt the same way.. it was an all ages show! then another band started before the coachwhips and they were set up by the front door. i didn't watch. it was a weird set up for bands! one kid annoyed me soo much.... he was smoking but not even .. was as if he was trying to learn how to which he clearly didn't know how to. he would take a hit then immediately blow it up in the air but not breathe it. "thanks buddy" second hand smoke is the best - don'tcha think?! Especially when there is no windows or open doors and not air on! yes! my favorite!! it's like a breath of fresh air.
alright, i should try and get some sleep, it was a long day.
have a wonderful Sunday :)
*************************************(added sunday morning at 10 am) i woke up to bowies - five years song of f of ziggy stardust, stuck in my head this morning.

I forgot to mention the Jon Brion show on Friday..... i AM starting to take it for granted!! it sucks. i didn't want it to ever be this way. i showed up what i thought was early for a friday but there was susan, lindsay, mark and ben already in line with only a couple behind them. this was like 7:15. they were shocked by my haircut. yes, it's ALL gone. some of my friends didn't even recognize me, that was funny! so we all get inside and have our normal seats at the bar although since ben has been back after being gone for like 2 years (which most of us has done at some point since 1996) he thinks that the first stool is his now!! i'll let him have it, he gets there earlier than me .... i'll let it be :)
i didn't see my new buddy erich and his roomate sean.... it felt sad, like part of our regular crowd was gone. then i get a call on my cell and he said he was at the hotel cafe!! i'm like "get your ass over here now, what? are you bored of us regulars already only after your short 2 months of being at the largo every fucking friday??!!" he said that the hotel cafe sucks and he was on his way. so i'm outside on my cell talking to him and he is walking up to me on his cell. sooo L.A.!!
he's like is that really you?!
the line was still long and PJ wasn't letting anyone else in, it was packed inside and this was 9:30 or so. i said "c'mon in guys" and asked very nicely to PJ to let them in. he said "sure! 10 bucks each!!" PJ is a nice guy, i don't care what anyone else says about him. he's just doing his job. he's also going to school and has another computer systems type job as well, so he's not just a "door guy"!! we used to talk school and computers because i was going to school to be a computer programmer (didn't happen) and he was also taking some computer classes at the time. he stuck to it and i didn't.
so yeah, um we all go sit down and the opener came on. it was a friend of flanny's. a girl from his town, i guess? and she just got up there solo with her guitar. it was alright for what it was. but i wasn't very much into it. though as i mentioned before in the previous friday night... i couldn't sit still. jon brion came on around 10:40 or so and what i can remember from the set he did some elvis presley, pretenders, bob dylan's (it's all right mama, i'm only bleeding) i was amazed by that!! i wish he would just do covers all night of dylan/bowie/beatles/cheap trick/tom waits and nirvana all night! benmont tench even came up and played with him... see, i AM taking this place for granted when i can't even get excited about that!! i'm going to be skipping next weeks Jon Brion gig because i'm gonna go see some stoner rock. Nebula and cutthroats 9 (ex- UNSANE) are playing at Spaceland. I absolutely love these bands. i used to see unsane why back in the early 90's. i liked chris spencer a lot back then. they got their name from a 1972 flick . i'm soo excited about this show, i can't wait.

added 4/2/04 : (for lindsay) Man, are we still on this??

Crunt ps- it's russell not robert! - drummer of JSBX!!

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