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10:43 AM

music: Grant Lee Phillips / Bowie / Jeff Buckley

Woke up this morning with a song in my head - "...honey, it looks like you got some explaining to do". Such a beautiful song!!, it's off of Evan Dando’s “baby I’m bored”
it is such a beautiful day today, it just felt good waking up at 7am and driving to work!!
I got in at 2am from seeing Jon Brion, Kennedy, telecast, and lily in L.A. (not at the largo).
my friends and I met at amoeba at 5pm where I brought my cd list with me this time and bought bowie’s honky dory, Neko Case “blacklisted”, the corn sisters "the other women", the walkmen “bows and arrows”, the smiths – meat is murder and public ememy's "it takes a nation of millions to hold us back". I gotta stay away from amoeba for awhile! Must resist!! But it seems my cd list of “must haves” keeps growing and growing.

I drive us all to eat near steph’s place, some little Mexican place by the guitar center then we head over to the rifle gallery. We were early so Erich and I went to get a drink while Steph and Rick waited in line. The gallery was small and the stage was up in the open loft. The gallery featured all the series of Elliott smith photos with the shadows and balloons my personal favorites! The lily band came on first, they were rockin’ it 60’s garage style. Telecast came on next; I love this band a lot! Though I can’t describe them really so go to their website and check ‘em out for yourself.
During the show I noticed a lot of cute boys everywhere, the dj was spinning great great stuff! I think I fell in love at least 10 times last night. do you think it’s cool to just go up to a guy and say “hey I like your shirt, wanna make out”? Do you think that would work?? This is the topic I was talking to all my friends about last night. Rick and Erich said “hell ya – it would work”. I, on the other hand don’t think it would work!
PJ Harvey was there, Josh Klinghoffer was there and played with Jon Brion. Steve McDonald was there.
It was definitely the place to be, that’s for sure.
I think Kennedy stole the show with his striptease and I do mean TEASE!! He climbed the ladder to the loft and half way up he started taking it all off. He was walking around in his underwear; it looked like a bathing suit with a buckle.
They just rocked with songs like “cold pussy” which went out to all the ladies in the house; he ended with wake up motherfucker, my favorite! Then he just walked around the rest of the night with his underwear and shades on.
Next up Mr. Jon Brion, he started out with alone again naturally and did 3 or 4 more songs. He had the suit action gong ON! He looked amazing in his suit and bowling shoes!
I didn’t want to leave, I was making eyes at the dj guy but he wasn’t noticing me! Just kidding. I was secretly video taping him smoking and spinning though.

I woke up to having a dream: I was in some strange house with hard wood floors, which looked like it was in a small town with dirt roads. Anyway… my friend sandy was inside the house with me and it was very dark outside, she opened the door for some reason and my 3 cats went running out the door. 2 of them stopped at the porch but the other one (my favorite) just kept going. I let the others back in and I ran out looking for “Pete” as I was running down the street I heard a loud crash and a flash of light in the sky then everyone was running around the streets like crazy people. I saw this guy and asked him what it was and he said hieroglyphics and I was like what the heck does that even mean? We were talking while running….. Then he grabbed my hand and we were holding hands running down the street. He was running from some kind of war, I was just running to find my cat Pete. We stopped because the bombs were getting closer and closer so we knew the end was near, there was no where to run. I was chewing gum and all I can think about is I want to take my gum out of my mouth and just make-out with this guy until we die! Then I woke up. Don’t ask!
I NEVER remember my dreams.

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