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so... yeah, i'm at work and i've updated and organized my blog a little more this morning.... even though i said i shouldn't work on this at work.

at the last minute yesterday my friend susan calls me and tells me she has an extra ticket for elefant at the troubadour.
i don't really like Elefant, no actually i don't like them at all. i don't undertand what the young crowd saw in them.... have they not seen or heard Interpol ever? the singer is very pretentious! I couldn’t stand to watch them. I went to the show with the preconceived notion that I wasn’t going to like them only because I’ve seen them at spaceland before and didn’t care for the singer at all. He just doesn’t pull the whole “rock star” thing off , some guys do and well, some guys just don’t. at one point in the show he put his hand out to someone holding a red shirt in a “hand it here” motion…. They did and he proceeded to wipe his face with it as if he was doing some lucky audience member a favor and throws it back.
First up was the vacation, as usual they rocked. But tonight I felt a little …. I don’t know how to describe it… not mad, not sad, just sorta disappointed. Not because they didn’t rock, like I said they totally rocked. I don’t know the whole story and maybe we will read it on they’re website sometime in the near future but what first made me cringe is when Ben the singer proceeded to stand on Elefants drum kit…. Yikes, I was thinking “don’t fall – don’t mess up the other guys drum kit” that’s just not cool. Sure it looked cool but I don’t know, I mean unless they were friends; but I don’t think that was the case here. Then Ben dropped a 5K house mic - airborne to the floor because I think they turned the mics off on them. He went from mic to mic and throwing them to the ground “boom”! then drank a beer and chucked that to the ground and kicked it around.
like I said, I don’t know the whole story and usually there are two sides but from what I saw…. It just wasn’t cool. (( did I mention that they rocked though??))
next up was Everybody Else….. this was my first time seeing them live and I’m just sorry that I’ve missed all their other shows because they were soooo GOOD!! Total bubble gum pop and whadda ya know, I was chewing bubble gum and moving my head from side to side while watching them. They have catchy songs with hand claps. All the guys are “cute” to boot! Very tight great band!! Must see them more often.

tonight is Neil Finn at the largo which I am totally looking forward to.
everybody should go see All Night Radio at Spaceland on Friday… hey, if I can skip a Jon Brion show for All Night Radio then YOU can show up and see a great great band that is All NIGHT RADIO!~Suze

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