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9:00 PM

music: The Walkmen (song number 2 over and over again)

Saw the Mayor of the Sunset Strip today. Man, i feel drained!...... wasn't planning on going until sunday, things just happen that way.
My original plan was to hang at BBC, have an afternoon drink/chicken tacos then walk on the boardwalk for awhile with my friend roger then I was gonna go work out and go home...... but nope, roger got a call and some friends (my ex and his wife etc...) were on their way to see the movie around the corner in Long Beach. So we went to. Then ran into another old friend from my "record store days" , Joe.... this guy has the funniest since of humor EVER! once he lit his jacket on fire!! this guy was nuts. we would play jokes on each other .... he used to work in another record store called middle earth in downey, maybe you've heard of it? anyway.... all of us would prank call the other store almost every day.
.... i'm sorry to bore ya, sometimes i just start to remember stuff from a long time ago and i wanna write it down.
so yeah, the movie was excellent! it made chris carter out to be an asshole at one point of the movie, and it also made rodney seem like he had a sad life. but he really didn't. it was a total tear jerker though. i couldn't help it. man, it really hit me when jed the fish was talking about how kroq would feel bad to fire rodney so they just give him the fucked up hours. it's like "fuck you kroq" Rodney plays the best music ever! a million times better than YOU fuckers ever do!! Fuck YOU Motherfuckers!! Rodney should fucking leave KROQ and maybe do something on 103.1..... help them out a little more. He could have the COOL hours as he deserves! even though i rarely even listen to any radio station at all.... i think 103.1 is one of the better ones. ok, enough talk about this stuff.
i gotta go get ready to go see a band called The CoachWhips at the Smell. they rock!!

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