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12:46 PM

music: BOWIE

last thursday i saw rhett miller at the largo, neil finn was scheduled to play but he cancelled for some reason and rhett played.
rhett belted out what seemed to be like 50 songs that night. he did 3 or 4 new old 97's songs and a couple of new solo songs, one sounded a lot like bowie - he even said so! i'll make a list of the songs he did - in order: the mud song (forgot the name, but it had mud in it), instigator, rollerskate skinny, jagged, am i too late, musta been stoned, half way there, moon light - judgement day (new old 97's songs), barrier reef, question, victoria, dressing room walls, murder or heart attack, 4 leaf clover, world you see, bowie sounding/new rhett song, aint that strange, enter jon and sean/sara watkins of nickle creek they did beatles - i'll cry instead. THAT was a rockin show!! fast and rockin!!
COFFEE & GUINNESS .......the ultimate poor mans speedball!!
tastes great and very filling!
neil finn's son- liem finn opened for Jon Brion on Friday. it was like seeing a little neil finn :) the kid can sing!! during the second set of the night, before i forget..... dan mcCarroll played drums with jon (almost a greys reunion)
ok, i'm going through my notes from the show which have coffee & guinness stains all over them! Jon opened with his usual 5 minute intro on the piano which is always amazing. he went into the strokes, feel so bad then his own song and everybodys favorite "love of my life" i wrote down drunk piano keys here..... i'm thinking because he just sorta went on in a drunkin way hitting the piano keys during the song., stop the world from beating up my heart, how it used to be, i believe shes lying with heavy heavy guitar distortion, which i loved!! trial and error on piano,cheese & onions in a foreigner style, theme for little rascals, further along, XTC's making plans for nigel, the guy from Telecast came up and did a song then jon did round and round by ratt, nirvana's yeah yeah yeah song, white stripes 7 nation army, styx - too much time on my hand then mr. roboto (omg!), stairway to heaven in the style of free bird, cheap tricks - everything will work out if you let it, foreigners hot blooded, then victoria, then he made a bunch of my bloody valentine noise on his guitar - fucking amazing!! i believe that was the show. i had a great night hanging out with my friends at a table. we were drinking guiness like it was water. as we steped out of largo i had this great idea to walk around fairfax.....mostly to walk off the beer. everyone was in :) we dropped stephanie at her car because she had to get home, so me and the guys just walked down melrose at 3am then went to this little grease pit mexican food place on beverly where a couple of them ate. i got home at 5am and for some strange reason i was up at 8:30 feeling great and energized.

i was running on fumes all day on saturday. so as i usually do, i pushed myself to keep going - no nap! i met cari and my new largo regular friend erich at ameoba where i finally bought the new grant lee. then we went to santa monica to see minibar. it was 5 bucks at the door and as cari got up there to pay for us...... i don't like to pay to get into this place called O'briens, the guy at the door asked me if we were regular minibar fans and i replied "of course we are"!..... um... do we get a discount for being such huge fans? he said maybe next time, i gave him some sorta look; wish i knew what it was because he said wait a minute - come back, and handed us 4 bucks back.
inside, it never fails cari and i always end up standing behind some drunk dancing girl. we just laughed. it was like ...... do you remember the episode on seinfield where elane (sp?) was trying to dance? well - then you get the picture.

alright, must get ready for a beautiful sunday - ameoba then dinner then jon brion/kennedy!!!

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