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music: Kix - cool kids

ps! does anyone know of any FREE photo sites that i can use besides geocities? I want to upload some photos and make it look a whole lot better than what i have, with thumbnails etc... but i don't want to pay!! e-me and let me know ((thanks))
yours truly - Suze

lets see thursday.... i went to see Neil Finn at the largo. a friend of mine got a table for 4 and was kind enough to ask me. Neil sang some old crowded house songs of course, as well as some sold and new stuff. he was great but i was dead tired for some reason and kept nodding off to sleep at the table. not a good thing when you are trying to enjoy a gig. Friday was a duel rock night for me..... i wanted so much to go see Jon Brion but I just had to catch All Night Radio at Spaceland. I get in free (thanks Mario) i was like one of the first people to arrive. I liked the first band but already forgot thir name, the second band.... well, even though they were from the UK, i was bored with them - they started out alright but i was soo done listening to the guys voice. he just kept talking and talking. ok, All Night Radio = They fucking ROCK! Jimmy hey is an amazing drummer, i first saw them open for the Shins in San Diego and i thought they blew the shins away. i wasn't much of a beachwood sparks kinda gal as most people are....but i really dig All Night Radio. and i'm really getting used to their new CD!!
so i'm standing in front video taping and just rocking out and i noticed the time.... i was missing JB at the largo - i thought 'oh well', i'll just head over for the second set as soon as ANR ends. my friends roger, sarah, dat, and cari, nina were all there to witness ALL NIGHT RADIO!! i left straight away for largo... arriving just in time for the second half of the very last song... which was one of my favorite songs ever by JB "you made the girl" man, i can just loose myself in his guitar playing... and I DO!!
i walk in at like, 1:20 or so - i think but PJ lets me in anyway... no cover! i sat down got my guinness and finished listening to jon play. my friends asked me how ANR was and i told them all about it. then they tell me that i missed 3 all new JB songs! damn it!! new! never before played!! i wonder if any of them are on the eternal sunshine soundtrack? i'm so excited about that movie! i gotta get an ELO album!!
so... i'm all giddy talking to my friends at the largo and it seemed that rick and erich wanted to go get something to eat. so i took them to the 101, jakes personal favorite place (kidding). erich and i had the grilled cheese w/tomato and the other guys had burgers or something - jake of course had his favorite root beer! he's known for his root beer!! erich spotted Eric from THAT 70's SHOW. the dude looks the same except he had a girl on both sides of him at a table full of guys. our waitress likes stars cuz she had 'em all around her waist. we had a little table mishap when we first arrived because their was five of us and we grabbed a booth but it was a booth for four so we pulled up a chair for the end for jake but the waiter wouldn't have any of that, no sir! fire hazard but what i didn't understand is that their was chairs right across from us .. ok, so rick goes and finds us a big table near that 70's show group. thats all, thats my story. must sleep now. i didn't go out tonight to the warehouse party or mary lou lord. i wanted to kick it at home and watch my netflix movies but a friend of mine just got AIM so she wanted to 'chat'. hmmm! i get on and like 4 of my friends are on there, so i'm chatting (which i never do) for like 2 hours! what a waste of time. it's now almost 3am. i've only eaten once today and i'm hungry. i was suzehomemaker today.. did my laundry, cleaned the house then went to lunch with stef, an old highschool friend.
i've added many many links this afternoon... some good "rocker" sights which brings back memories.....
take care - have a nice sunday! The Melvins are playing at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa tonight! they rock like no other - i'm excited about seeing them again.

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