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12:16 PM

music: Bowie / Grant Lee
& soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine

on Monday i went to ameoba to catch Franz Ferdinand, it seems 300 other folks had the same idea, it was sooo packed! i got somewhat close 3rd record bin and took a few shots then left after the 4th song. i had plans for the old 97's at the troubadour......
i missed gray desilva (sp?) she sounded good though, sorta country; as i heard her outside getting my ticket from will call. Minibar were up next, they played like 4 new songs i'd never heard before .... except from when i saw them at O'Briens last saturday or was it the saturday before? anyway.... they were all good. Simon, the singer looks like he put on a few lbs - not to be mean at all because it's great when musicians aren't all dissapearing when they turn sideways, ya know. same with rhett miller, he looked like he gained about 10 lbs but his wife just had a baby not to long ago, so..... husbands tend to gain the weight same as the women..... from what i've noticed, mind you.
The Old 97's were doing this taping for a new DVD they will put out later this year so there was cameras and mic's everywhere. They were so ready to rock, and that they did!! I wasn't blown away as the first few times i've seem them live but they still are a great live band.

other than monday.... i'm staying home this week to catch up on some sleep and movies, mostly sleep!
i'm so looking forward to the weekend though.
come on down to the standard hotel rooftop on 6th and flower on saturday between 4 & 5pm!!
just something to do on a saturday afternoon. (eat, drink and be merry)

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