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8:40 AM

Music: Soledad Brothers

Not even a hard rain will stop me from seeing The Soledad Brothers.

I was exhausted and starving but I felt the need to go see The Soledad Brothers and The Vacation last night.
I started laughing at how hard it started to rain as I got onto the 101 because I didn't have an umbrella. I covered my camera with my jacket and got soaked as I walked down the street to Spacland. There was hardly anyone there yet. The Vacation were to go on at 9pm, things got changed around and Lion Fever went on first. Steve from The Vacation mentioned that Ben [singer and artist] made [drew] all the t-shirts that they were wearing on stage. I only got a good look at Steves, which was of 2 girls holding surf boards and above read I Love L.A. Ben's looked like it had guns all over it..... but I was way in the back for once and didn't really get to check them out. I wasn't in the picture taking mood right then. They rocked as usual and I loved their version of "Trash" when Ben just started making up amazing rhymes towards the end while the band just jams. They finally have t-shirts for sale and they were selling their new CD.
If we can't have The Rolling Stones, The Soledad Brothers will do. I was smiling from ear to ear as soon as they hit the stage. I was so excited to see them again. Slide guitars, Sax and a whole lot of shaking........ thats all I needed last night. It was nice to hear them pay tribute to John Peel by doing a song called "John Peel". At one point I did think of Jet, because a few of their songs sound exactly like the same guitar riffs as Jet [I'm sure it's the other way around though].

Check this out! Lunar Eclipse - get your cameras out because this won't happen again until 2007.

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