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9:10 AM

I've just heard some rather sad news today. Mr. John Peel has passed away at the young age of 65 from a heart attack.

If you don't know about him [as you should] then now you can read all about what an amazing icon in the broadcasting community he really was.
Here are some sites I found this morning about him.

ITV.Com - news
Tributes - BBC news
NME - news
Details from the Peel Sessions since '92
mp3's from John Peel shows - Radio plus
John Peel - Rocklist / Festive 50's
BBC Radio 1

It's a sad thing to lose someone who is that cool and passionate about music.
He had some amazing people on his show, he put out some really cool Live
CD's from great artists. I'm still waiting to get a copy of The Hunches that he did
awhile back.
So do yourself a favor and if you don't know about John Peel, school yourself, read up on him and you will be glad you did.


I will update this about the Helmet show in a few hours.......

It was alright. I'm not too much into them anymore. I just like that loud pummeling sound, I guess. Page even made fun of his old songs saying they were to easy and he started to teach the audience 'the chord'. He even said that RUDE was the stupidest song ever and he didn't even know what the words meant. He went on and on... It was funny. So guess what they did as an encore? RUDE! I was happy to hear a few old songs. FBLU (?or is it FLBU?) anyway, Unsung, Sinatra, RUDE, In the meantime...I didn't care for the new stuff as much, wasn't as "touching" to me. I still think the title of their new CD sucks! C'mon.....Size Matters??! I'll have to throw in that Page has aged well. He looks good. I'm sure he is around my age maybe a tad older. The last time I saw Helmet was in the early 90's at a club in Santa Barbara and Tad opened up. There were about 20 people and that was including all band members, club employees and a couple of my friends (Sarah and Roger). Tad was actually posing for me and my camera, it was awesome.
The opener for Helmet last night was called "Instruction"? I forgot but they were alright for what they were doing, the singer sounded like your typical NorthWest grunge guy. Funny, they are from NY. Heavy sound but the lyrics and sound of his voice were more on the pussy side at times.

One more thing.... I found this interesting: History's Greatest Unsolved Crimes

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