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1:53 PM

Music: Led Zeppelin - live at the forum 1977!

I will be the first to admit that I can't cook. I'll even find ways to hurt myself in the kitchen [unintentional of course]. Like today, I went home for lunch and was going to cook these homemade veggie burgers . I put the oil in the pan and it's getting pretty hot [while I'm getting all the fixings together]. I'm thinking to myself "this is pretty hot, how am I going to do this without splashing hot oil all over me?". I don't like to think about things to long so I just went ahead and slammed the patty into the hot oil [knowing that I would get it all over] but not knowing that I would burn the fuck out of my wrist! Yes. Patience is a virtue. I know. I made a mess in the kitchen but the veggie burger turned out great! Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do well in the kitchen or the garden. I have no interest in either. So I'm sitting here at work with my left wrist all wrapped in anti-biotic gel and gauze, and it hurts.

Did anyone watch 'Lost' last night? I missed the first 5 minutes but I guess someone
drowned. I was going to stop watching the show but it's getting interesting . Also the fact that they just found fresh water.... I have a feeling that It's going to be like a twisted Swiss Family Robinson before we know it.

Did anyone see Dylan last night? I'm kinda bumming about missing him. I better get to see Tom Waits when he gets to town, that's all I'm saying!

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