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9:26 AM

i haven't been listing music first anymore because i've been listening to the same stuff: the hunches, reigning sound, stones...... forever. it's because i haven't changed my cd's in my jeep in a long time.
i went to the anaheim house of blues on friday to see the new york dolls and chelsea smiles. i can honestly say that the new york dolls are getting up there in the years.....ok, they are f'ing OLD! johanson can still move like a man in his 20's though. he's got the "iggy pop syndrome" going on with his flabby skinny skin. he did this really gross belly dance, well... it was pretty funny actually. the show was really good - i don't know about it being worth 40 bucks come to think of it but i'm glad i went. the only thing i didn't really care so much about was when they did janis joplins "piece of my heart". i don't know why but i just didn't like it. they did some thunders songs which was a nice surprise to me. "you can't put your arms around a memory" always reminded me of when i was in London and my frinds would play this album over and over when i was there - really cool.

seeing sammy from hanoi rocks playing bass up there was a treat as well. johanson had this really cool outfit on: little pink 1/2 shirt and tight pants with a sarong over it. i think all men should wear this outfit at least once in their lifetime (kidding) but i really liked the sarong, he had a little one then towards the end of the show when he was throwing the huge amount of flowers that were on stage to the audience, he had changed into a longer sarong.

i really dig chelsea smiles more and more each time they play. though where i was standing, i couldn't see the keyboard player. i noticed a lot of familiar faces once again but only from seeing all these people at shows over the years.

saturday i went to my friends wedding, he [rory] used to work at tempo records with me about 15 years ago. i sat at a table with the "Tempo Records Gang", it was cool. though we all kept in touch and often see each other anyway, it was just nice to be with everyone in the same room at one time again. the wedding was very cool. totally different from any that i had attended in the past. there was no talk of religion in the ceremony at all.... it was mostly poetry read by the bride and groom. the music was especially picked by rory to impress us record store folks and he did a great job with that. not as cool as i would do when/if i ever tied the knot.... hee hee
the wedding was at 11am and didn't end until 4pm. they ran way behind time. some of us went out for drinks after at BJ's, the Doger game was on and my friend Roger was all excited about the game for some reason. i didn't know what was going on because i don't really care for sports much other than watching a few basketball games on tv or actually going to see it live. after that our other friend called me and wanted to also have a drink because he was in the area and just got out of something to do with his graduating class from the arts center at MOCA.... something to do with some magazine, anyway turns out we walked across the parking lot of BJ's to El Torito. It was a day/evening filled with friends!

I met some other friends at the movies on sunday. we saw the forgotten. i liked this movie. it wasn't as scary as the previews but it makes you think. i stayed and snuck into see ladder 49, i also liked this. i wanted to get my moneys worth plus i was bored.


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