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1:59 PM

Music: Elvis Costello

alright, I don't like being sick anymore! I went out Saturday night to see my friends band play at this Moose Lodge in Huntington Beach. The last time I was at a Moose Lodge was when I was a kid. I was one of those children whos parent was a "member". My dad and stepmom would drink and us kids would be put in another room within the lodge for the night. Excellent quality time with the folks.
So needless to say the moose lodge brought back all sorts of memories. There were two rooms, one was full of old people drinking and smoking the other room looked like a gym full of kids .... drinking and smoking. I know I was the oldest one there. For some reason, I didn't give a shit. I had a couple of drinks and some kid started hitting on me. I found it quite amusing. The first band was an all girl band who sounded like a 'punk rock' L7 or something like that.... I wasn't into them. Civet was their name. Next up was The Dirty Little Secrets. I honestly thought the show was really entertaining especially for it only being their second one. They have potential, they just need to practice more on the songs. They sound like a rock band with a hint of the older glam style (pretty boy floyd era). It was a halloween party and DLS wore dresses, they looked damn good. It just sucks that the kids felt the need to start a mosh pit. It wasn't nearly as crazy as the time I saw the Suicidal Tendencies at Irvine college about 10 or more years ago. Kids just don't need to do this sort of thing. do they? I can understand the need to stage dive (i've always wanted to do that) but the mosh pit is plain stupid. The drummer is crazy. During their last song he was upside down playing..... I don't understand how he did this but he was doing it. I would totally go see them again and again.
I got home around 1 am and I was wide awake (probably from the red bull I had earlier-kicking in) I was up until 6am coughing my head off. My body is telling me to rest.
I'm going to see Helmet tonight at the Troubadour. I'm super tired right now, in fact when I was at home for lunch watching I love Lucy, I fell asleep for about 15 minutes.
If I didn't already have a ticket then I wouldn't go tonight.

ps - how is it that no one told me that Elvis Costello was playing at Amoeba until after he played?! This was a few days after the Jon Brion in-store even. C'mon people, help a girl out once in awhile, let me know whats going on. I guess I didn't read the LA weekly in time or checked the Amoeba website early enough. damn it.

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