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music: Old 97's...... cuz they can rock to!

I saw I heart Huckabees this past weekend. The main reason I wanted to see it was for the music by Jon Brion of course and it helped to have Jude Law / Jason Schwartzman / Mark Wahlburg and Naomi Watts in it. The music (score) was very fitting but you can only hear the words that Jon actually sings at the end as the credits are rolling. The movie.... hmmm.. I have mixed feelings and I'll tell you why.
First of all I had a major headach (lack of food) going into the theatre, I get cranky when I don't eat. So the movie didn't help the headach by being so chaotic. A word that came to mind as I was watching it was 'Clumpy'. That I cannot explain.... very well. In fact I'm not good at explaining anything really. The movie is just nuts, it deals with your mind and exhistance.... and as a kid, this kind of stuff freaked me out. I drove my mom nuts always asking questions about 'what is out there beyond the stars' and I would go on and on and I'm sure it drove her nuts everytime she came in to tuck me in. She didn't need to read me a story because I would simply ask questions until I fell asleep.
so back to the movie.... another feeling I had on it was that it was 'weird' for the sake of being weird. I did laugh a lot and the acting was terrific but it's one that I would not think about weeks later or want to go see again. Unlike the Spotless Mind flick which also had Jon Brion doing the score... this one I want to own on DVD and watch over and over again (well, maybe just once - then 6 months later... again). Some of my friends really loved this movie for some reason and I can understand their point of view........... ok, no.... no I can't. I don't understand anything. I just didn't care for the movie as much as I wanted to. :)

I watched the
The Office second season on DVD this past weekend also. This made me laugh so much. I love this kind of shit...... and I've actually seen offices where they have these kinds of characters working in them. I love the Tim Canterbury character - (Martin Freeman) he was also in Love Actually and Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook)... he was in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Last night I saw the
Old 97's at The Galaxy in Santa Ana with opener Jon Rauhouse. I'm glad that I looked on Jon's site before I left otherwise I would not have known that the beautiful and amazing Kelly Hogan was going to be singing a few songs with him. I got there early and wanting to drink a lot of wine for some reason. I went to the bar and got my merlot in a plastic cup for 6 bucks, walked around until I found some people that I knew and sat with them until Kelly came on. I stuck by the stage the remainder of the night to take photos. As Kelly left the stage in order for the other guys to play alone for awhile, I get this tap on my shoulder. To my surprise, Roger made it. I didn't think he would be able to in time to see Kelly.... she was going to come back out and do some more songs in a bit. cool. This chick has an amazing voice and her style rocks. She's got a great sense of humor also. She has a voice that will send chills down your spine..... yes! she is that wonderful. The last time I got to see her was at the Derby about a year ago also playing with Jon Rauhouse and Neko Case. That was a night to remember... The Derby was packed and hot, I stood up front (for photos) and it was one of the most amazing concert experiences I've seen in awhile. If you are into alt country/no depression at all and don't know who these people are than I really think you should check these folks out.

The Old 97's were up next to rock everyones world and .... they did. Rhett Miller (lead singer) still has it, even after getting married and being a father to little Max. The guy has the moves! They did a lot of old songs right away then a few new ones then Rhett came out and did some songs off his Solo CD. The guy can write! Sure the songs are all about girls and relationships... isn't that what life is all about?

The Old 97's are a catchy fun rockin' band. Fun, I tell ya!!

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