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Music: I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack (Jon Brion)

I’m so friggin’ burn't out right now. I stayed out until 3:30am Friday and Saturday night. Sunday I went to Amoeba to see Jon Brion perform some new songs forI heart huckabees.

Friday I decided to go to the largo. To my surprise there were “new people: new regulars” in the front of the line. I will never be able to sit at ‘my’ seat again….. I'm starting to not feel as comfortable there as I once was. As I waited in line at about 7:15 [sounds ridiculous, I know] I noticed a new skate shop right across the street. They have this big screen T.V. that sits in the window and that shows the skaters who are inside shredding up the place.
I waited for some familiar faces to show up and I was about to just leave because I was really feeling like I wanted to go to Alexs Bar instead to see Immortal Lee County Killers when I see Jake and Lindsay walking down the street.
Jon doesn’t go on until 10:30 or so. Rikki Lee Jones opened up for him, which is always cool because I really dig her. She did ‘burning down the house’. I’m not a fan of David Byrne at all. It was kind of funny though.
The prices went up since the last time I was there. Man, If they weren’t expensive already, and the food….. ugh, not even that great. [sorry largo people]. The honey baked chicken is the only good thing on the menu and it’s still $15 bucks. I only had a few beers with my plain pasta. I was falling asleep during Jon’s first set. The only thing that really stood out for me was the second set when he did ‘maybe I’m amazed’ I always love when he does that song. I was just not into the whole show as I once was. It also annoyed me that the music [dj - scott, flanny, sammy or whoever it was] kept turning it up so loud that you couldn't hear the people trying to talk to you. I hate that feeling when you are straining your voice to talk to someone so instead of having a nice conversation, I just sit there drinking my guinness praying that Jon will hurry and come on. I got home so late, not only because Jon ended at something like 2am but because I ended up talking to one of the new regulars after the show for about an hour.

I wake up around 10:30 am on Saturday and still felt tired. I was starting to feel like I really didn’t want to go out tonight but I really wanted to see The Immortal Lee County Killers and I haven’t seen Bill in a long time so we meet at Roger’s house. Me with my 2 red bulls, grilled cheese from In ‘n Out and an iced tea. I was ready to go.
I pass the place [The Scene] then called Roger [who actually ended up not going at the last minute] and he told us where it was. The place reminded me of Al’s Bar, very ‘punk-like’ – a dive, pretty much. We get there before it starts to rain, it cost $15 bucks but they had Guinness, so all is well. First band we saw was The Guilty Hearts, this was the band of one of the guys who put this show on [leon catfish]. I do remember liking a song they did called ‘Trouble’ and Leon has a good voice, though he only sings backup mostly. They were like 60’s garage rock – ass shaking music. Later I meet Leon and he said the beer he had promised me was coming (2 hours later) he walks over with two bottles of bud-lite (thanks but I already drank enough water today, plus I wasn't in the mood for getting a headach) man, I hate lite beer. He also had a can of blue ribbon in his pocket (again, no thanks). I'm such a beer-snob! sorry. But when you know what you like.....I didn't tell him all of this of course, I'm not that cruel. He said he owes me some Newcastle sometime though, so that's cool.
The Red Onions were more of the same. Did I mention that all these bands are pretty much Mexicans? The singer, a little short guy… danced really cool, sorta like a Mexican Iggy pop.The Chop Sticks were awful! I really hated them. The girl who sang [if you want to call it that] was really super annoying to me. They had this Shtick were they threw a bunch of chopsticks into the audience [go figure ] . ho hum. The Starvations didn’t do anything for me either, In fact I don’t even remember their sound. I wasn’t impressed. The Flash Express were next…. They are a good band, especially if you have never seen them before but I’ve seen them too many times and I’m over it. The singer [Brian] just wants to be Jon Spencer so bad, it gets old after awhile. The drummer [Lance] is really good and I really like the whole look that the bass player has going on [Plimsouls look]. The Immortal Lee County Killers were really good, though I did enjoy the Knitting Factory show a lot more. They had the backdrop playing behind them again and they just rocked. I video taped some of it and took some photo’s. The Dj's Robert Shade (The Eye) and Dan Electro (Club Au GoGo) played some interesting, obscure stuff between bands. I was watching this one guy dance the whole time. He did that 60’s shuffle dance. Man, I love that! A really pretty blonde short hair girl [a la ‘go go looking chick] joined him. It was the perfect looking couple. I think I enjoyed watching them dance more than the whole concert! We stayed for a couple of songs of the last band who didn’t hit the stage until 1:30 a.m. They were 60’s punk guys. They were just annoying, with the spouting off hatred towards the crowd and their ‘hate Bush, hate Kerry – were all going to DIE anyway’ antics. I was just annoyed by it. I was completely awake by this time, I guess the Red Bull works in mysterious ways. It was raining as we walked outside. ....

I was in bed by 4 a.m. and up by around 10 a.m. again. It was a beautiful day and I was excited about seeing Jon Brion during the day. Roger ended up going with me. We got there at a decent time and I got right up front so I could video tape and take photos. I told Roger to go on the side so he can video tape for me but he eventually got kicked out and I didn’t see him during the show. All the old largo regulars showed up, that was cool. It seemed that everyone had video cameras. My friend Pat told me that Sam [ the guy who did Wilco’s movie] was there. He got to talk to him. No news on a Jon Brion documentary as of yet. I think my friends are going to try and put one together, taking their time of course.

Jon walks on stage after flanny introduces him, gives a shirt to the little cute boy ‘Jakob’ next to me and hands out some heart shaped pasterys to the hungry crowd. Jon looks like he just rolled out of bed with his hair all messy and bags under his eyes. Always a good looking fella regardless! He swooned the crowd with his musical genius. It was great seeing all these new faces and their jaws dropping as they watched Jon for their first time. He won the crowd over during the first song. He played about 35 to 40 minutes, old and new stuff. The best part was when the amp was being [bad] with all the terrible noises coming from it, he asked if the acoustic was ready [it wasn’t] so he [as he usually does] looked confused , you can see his mind working and went over to the keyboard and belted out Radiohead's CREEP song done with his Tom Waits voice. Amazing is a good word for this. The crowd went crazy! After the show everyone hung out to get things signed.

I stayed and talked with my friends for awhile and noticed my b/f was working. Woo hoo! ….but of course I say absolutely nothing to him. I just stared. He is so beautiful. My heart started to pound harder when he walked by me. I love that feeling. I doubt I’ll ever meet him. He was wearing all denim and his hair is getting longer. GRRR!

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