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music: supergrass

i haven't posted since monday? hmmm..... what have i been up to?
i've been watching the gilmore girls, american dreams and lost. i was bummed to see that Jess is no longer on the gilmore girls however to my wonderful surprise, as i was watching american dreams..... up pops Jess though his name isn't jess.... i forgot already but hey, it's him and he plays basically the same type of character. GRRRRR!

it's friday night and i've got nothing going on as usual..... i'm wondering if i should just start hanging out at the largo again. don't get me wrong, i still think jon brion is amazing and i do miss seeing his shows sometimes...... i don't know, maybe i'll go tonight.

me and a friend went to the avalon (the palace) last night to see Supergrass. the sound system there kicks ass! it was my friends first time since they changed it all around for the better. we got a drink and found a table upstairs to stand at. the opening band was actually pretty good... they sounded like wilco on some songs then other songs the clash or someone else. i dug the way the singer wore his guitar kinda high up "buddy holly" style and shook one leg to the beat. the drummer was excellent as well. oh .... the band was from Ohio and called themselves "The Son". i'll have to look them up and see if they have a cd. it was to crowded at the t-shirt table to check there after the show. we were on our second beers when Supergrass walked on stage. the first 4 songs i was wondering if i was gonna have to leave because the lighting guy must have been on speed or something. i was blinded on and off for the first 4 songs then i'm thinking someone else took over. you know when you look at the sun and when you look away and try and focus on something and you see the sun instead...... well, it's was kinda like that. annoying!
it was their greatest hits tour..... yeah, so they did alot of old stuff as well as some off of "Life on other planets" which i'm still trying to get used to. not really trying because i haven't really listening to them lately other than a few days before the gig. :)

it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get 30 miles. it was stupid traffic. on a thursday night no less. what is the deal? no accidents.... no huge events...... just a whole lot of people going somewhere, or trying to go somewhere on the freeways of LA. i have a love/hate feeling about LA. if i moved, i would miss all the rock shows, the beaches, the mountains just everything.
after the supergrass show, we went to grab a bite to eat at the 101 cafe. we were starving beings there was no time to eat before hand. we get to the tiny parking lot to find that some kid in a van just sideswiped a poll that was next to his parking spot, a girl was trying to tell him how to get out without any more damage to his vehicle. DUH!

nothing like french toast at 11pm just before you go to sleep. the place is always packed with all the "hipsters" either getting ready to go to clubs or just getting out of a club. we sat behind "laughing lisa" this girl could not and would not stop laughing and talking....needless to say, she was drunk. if i didn't have to be up at 7am for work then we could have went to the M Bar after the show for the "after the show party". i almost forgot..... 'never eat right before you go to sleep' or you will have some crazy dreams! my dream consisted of kate hudson and her weird looking dog (cross between a boxer and a little yappy dog - don't ask) chris was in the background with the kid... anyway i was hanging out at their place talking to kate, we all had to take our shoes off before entering the house. i don't remember how or why i was there. it got late and i don't know why i didn't leave..... kate and chris started walking upstairs and talking, their dog followed and i was left all alone in their living room. i thought 'what the fuck' and i left then realized i forgot my shoes and luckily i left the door unlocked, so i went back in and grabbed them and walked home. see..... thats it, thats all i got. strange.

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