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5:51 PM

music: fiona apple

today i had to take my jeep in for some new brakes, how wonderful when your unemployed! my garage "dave and jims" is near my best friends house so i walked overthere knowing her boyfriend is also out of work and has a disney pass to. :)
yep, we went to california adventure all day today, rode the tower of terror, the coaster and the flying over california ride. then to top it off we had drinks at the espn zone. what a life huh!
i hope you people don't really take me seriously, i'm being sarcastic most of the time about "this is the life" and stuff. sure it's nice to do other things besides working during the day but ....... c'mon, you guys get a paycheck every week and are able to save up for a REAL vacation.

if anyone has any ideas for me... jobwise, let me know. i'd like to work at a magazine or perhaps try another record label as a rock photographer or an administrative type job. i used to work at geffen.

i just got asked if i wanted to go to the kroq weenie roast. my first thought was "hell no" then i saw some of the bands that were playing..... the strokes, YYY's, velvet revolver, the hives, modest mouse and the beastie boys! it's free so i said "sure".
so thats where my ass is gonna be on saturday. i was planning on going to a BBQ in L.A.... a friend of mine from 15 years ago moved here from london awhile ago and i haven't seen her since, only e-mail's so far and this would have been our first time to see each other since my visit to London. oh well, next time caroline :) happy birthday dear!

ok, i'm bored now.... i didn't even go see the morlocks last night. i'm not going out tonight either. so far. :)

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