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10:15 PM

Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar is one of the best CD's I've heard all year! please run to your nearest record store and buy it. you can thank me later. this cd just rocks, it makes me so happy. i mean hell, it put me in a great mood after a terrible morning. i love that certain cds' can do that to me. this is why music is so important to me. sometimes i actually feel that i don't need anything else.

today i went to L.A. hung out with my buddy rick. we went to amoeba and i bought only 3 cds; sahara hotnights, the black keys and epic soundtracks-sleeping star. it's strange that i've been listening to epic soundtracks a lot lately, he sounded like nick cave and leanard cohen. he was found dead in 1997 in his bed at the age of 37, his brother is nikki sudden. they had a few bands together; the swell maps, the Jacobites, These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution, and the Red Krayola. this morning i found myself listening to art blakey, pretty damn good stuff.

i had other plans today. great plans, but somehow that didn't work out, jackass! :) so i hung out in L.A. anyway and i even bought a camera! i'm dangerous with my money when i let a guy get to me. i guess i'm a typical girl who likes to go shopping. except i don't shop for clothes. i'm into cds and electronics which can be just as expensive as a shopping trip for clothes. but i'm cool now :) we are just "friends". still a jackass that needs to grow up but still friends none the less :)
nite nite. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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