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12:18 AM

music: Reigning Sound - too much guitar

my ears are ringing. i'm deaf. The Hunches rocked like no other band i've seen before.
they have so much energy, it's just amazing. i walked in as they were playing their second song. right away i started taking photos. the guitar player was just going off! i had a smile on my face the whole time they were playing, it's my favorite type of music - just fucking loud, chaotic rock'n roll.
The Willowz showed up to see them and a few of the other friends were hanging out. the pony's played next and i wasn't impressed with the first few songs. they just reminded me of that whole 80's happy mondays type rock... i don't really know. i mean some of the songs caught my attention but not enough for me to go run out and buy their cd.
oh... i have to mention this girl who was up front the whole time, she was super drunk and i think she just learned how to spit like a dude. she kept spitting on the hunches then just anywhere on the stage, every 2 minutes. i've never seen anything like it before. it wasn't even funny, it was very stupid. the singer took her beer chugged it and then spit it out right in her face. it was great! she was so drunk i don't think she realized what was going on. he kept the beer and set it on stage away from her. she got up on stage, went over and picked it up, took a drink and jumped back in her place. then proceeded to spit some more.

between sets, they played the Rolling Stones. yey! listening to them always makes me want to hang out with people and drink!

i left after a couple of songs of your enemies friends. i still felt like going out afterwards but no one was around.
as i started back for my jeep i walked past my friend jose who works at that fancy restaurant by that corner hotel, he's been asking me out for years. i've been parking over there for many years now, it's my secret parking. anyway i ran into jose a couple of years ago and he remembers me even after not seeing him for a long time. we just started talking as i walked past his restaurant one night. it's like, we have nothing in common but are drawn to talk to each other. i like that, and i'm going to keep it that way. tonight as i walked past him to go to the show he told me that jennifer aniston was having dinner in there and i should go take her photo. he was kidding about the photo of course. he asked why don't i get into the Paparazzi field. i told him because it's dangerous, and we just kept up with the small talk for awhile until i said i had to go catch the band. nice guy and all but he's a lot older....

as i was standing in the club after the hunches were over, i suddenly felt all alone, it was weird. i go to shows by myself and i usually don't care about being alone but for some reason i felt the need for company and stood there silent and feeling unsocial. sometimes, no .... all the time, i feel detatched from the hollywood crowd. i'm not stuck up, if you come up and talk to me, i'll talk to you but i'm pretty shy to just go up and talk to people unless i get a "vibe" from them, ya know what i mean.

I had to copy and paste part of THE HUNCHES review by roger, a friend of mine for over 15 years, from his blog called Scene but not herd.
"The drums pummel you and the guitar is feedbacking sheets of noise with notes occasionally emerging from the squall. It's like the sound coming out of his guitar is throwing him around the stage and eventually both he and the singer ended up in the audience. These Hunches shows are the closest thing lately to remind me of early eighties hardcore shows. Much has been written lately about "garage rock" like the Strokes, White Stripes, and the Hives, but most of these writers don't know what they are talking about. Good bands that use guitar, bass, and drums have always been around, but the critics are too busy fretting about whatever happens to be the flavor of the month to notice. The Hunches are just pure primal energy. Those other bands are ok, but they pale in comparison. Those bands are more for people concerned with image rather than the ability to make your jaw drop simply by what they are playing. The Hunches make my jaw drop and remind me of being a teenager still overwhelmed at discovering sounds I had never heard before." by roger

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