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3:39 PM

music: the hunches

i'm feeling guilty ...... i slept until 11:30 then started to watch chelsea walls (ethan hawk directed it, not his best work mind you) and i took another nap. my body is telling me something, but what? "hey suze, get off your fucking lazy ass and do get a fucking job" so this is the weird funk that i'm in today. you know that feeling when you are staring at something but not really looking at anything? well that's me today. i need to go check out some museums and art/photo gallery's or check out something creative to inspire me.

i was in an indecisive mood last night and couldn't make up my mind between seeing the willowz at the viper room (can't stand that place) or seeing 20 miles (judah fucking bauer) at spaceland. i choose judah because of time and well, because bernnie called me every night last week as well the night of the show to yell at me about "you have to go suze! it's judah fucking bauer". bern, i took a lot of photos to prove to you that i went, so there! i'm so glad that i went. his band has gotten so much better over the years. they nailed the R. L. Burnside song, and i can tell he was happy about it, he was all smiles and even told the band that was right on guys! it was good to see judah up there having a lot of fun. 20 miles is bluesy rock'nroll.
the first band was gram rabbit, good for what they do...but not my thing. they reminded me of high school. it was 80's keyboard electro country pop. wow did i just say all that? well, it was weird. i think the low flying owls have a lot of what it takes to become famous. they rocked, they looked cool and the bass player wore a cool cowboy hat and danced. he had this cool effect on his bass that made fuzzy guitar noises. i loved that. the sound, well i'm totally not good at all at describing peoples sounds for some reason, i usually get it all wrong. i can tell you that they are going to be playing at spaceland along with giant drag next monday for free again though. giant drag is a guy on drums and a girl on guitar singing. i don't know the whole deal with them but i kinda liked them, just not that much to pay to see them anywhere. plus by the time they came on i was falling asleep, looking for my friend so we can go home. the drummer looked familiar. i may catch them mext monday if i don't break my rule of going to the viper room. the vacation is playing there and you know how much i love them..... well, we will see. :)

so tonight if i don't crash out at home watching more netflix movies then i may head over to the largo for the greg proops chat show. john doe and grant lee will play tomorrow at largo.

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