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the problem is that i'm having so much fun not working that i can't imagine ever working again. i think i need a sugardaddy, preferably under the age of 40. i'm kidding!! there is just to much to do and plan to be working. i know it sounds ridiculous, i think i'm going to go to hawaii soon. ha ha. i don't have any money but my mom totally wants to get away and start going on all these little trips and when she mentioned hawaii, i'm like.... um... i'll go with you to that one! so if i don't get a job soon, then i think i'm gonna go for a week with her. fun!

i'm trying to remember what i've been up to since the last post. i've been skipping the largo and not missing it really. i stayed home this weekend but started going out during the week. Monday we went to the standard hotel rooftop, the girls have never been there so it was cool to see how excited they were when the elevator doors opened to the roof. we drank and stacie danced, this chick can DANCE! she was the only one to! we took loads of photos, layed on the waterbeds until some couple sorta took over and started dry humping each other in the middle of our waterbed. i was in the bathroom but i guess stacie and cari were just sitting there when this happened. that was strange. we left not to long after that, anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre came over to us and started talking politics with us and also this man next to us so we just got up and left. ha ha. what a downer that was, but we got over it... we went to some bars and ended up at spaceland around 11pm. the like were playing so we just sat towards the back at a booth, it was fun to just people watch that night. i got to talking to this fella next to me, turns out he's from Portland, i used to live there and i miss it a lot. i think we are going to see that movie baaadassss this weekend :)

i had fun thrift store shopping on monday afternoon with the girls. i lucked out and found 4 jackets and a hat and a belt all for only $16. i'm taking stacie shopping more often, she's a good luck charm. i guess i better get my ass to NY sometime.

oh yeah, i remember what i did this weekend... at the last minute on Sunday i went to a BBQ in San Pedro. Saw a lot of the old gang i used to hang out with. Andy, my ex really knows the right type of party music! We were listening to old cheap trick then old motley crue, it was all good. our friend mark is a crazy motherfucker, i love him so much! he just goes off when the hard rock goes on, playing air drums, lighting stuff on fire then sitting on it. he gets the party going. andy put on "heyya" by outkast over and over again. it was funny. i'm sure the neighbors didn't appreciate it though.
i stayed until midnight and i was only gonna go over for a few hours.

last night we went to the rainbow to eat. the girls had never been there. it was my old stomping grounds back in the 80's early 90's. bands like poison, guns and roses, dog's d'amour, quireboys, warrent, tuff, black cherry, pretty boy floyd, sweet savage, little boots, madel fang, septembers child, electric angels, johnny and the jaguares, the zeros, and motorcycle boy would all be hanging out there on different nights, i'd see them out on the sunset strip trying to sell tickets for their shows. The Rainbow looks the same somewhat, they just added a huge flat screen tv above the fireplace and i noticed a lot more photos on the walls. We headed to the catclub next because it was free and the S'Cool Girls were playing. It wasn't to crowded for a Free night. The sound system isn't the best in the world and the place is tiny.

I'm completely exhausted today with only about 4 hours of sleep last night, i took stacie to the airport this afternoon then went to the movies and saw the day after tomorrow. movies like that freaked me out as a kid i.e. the towering inferno, the poseidon adventure.... world destruction type stuff. anyway the movie was alright, i knew it wouldn't be wonderful, the acting was terrible but i don't feel like i even have to say that because it's a given with any type of movie as such. ~Suze

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