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12:12 PM

music: i just read that ALL NIGHT RADIO just broke up! WTF!!

oh my head. it's so nice to stumble in at 6am, shaking from drinking the night before and having to get up at 11am to go to a funeral. yep, that's my life today! i said no more largo but my drinking buddy and i love to drink guinness together and lot's of it. we first met at the movie theatre to see grand theft parsons which was awful. johnny knoxville was the best part and that ain't saying much! the acting was the worst, but what else can you expect from the blonde bimbo from married .... with children. yep!
then we went to the pizza place by largo and hung out and talked for 2 hours before standing in line for jon brion. we drank so much. omg! the jon brion highlights... i only remember because we started to write 'em down then lost track after song 19 which was trial and error. Jack Black went up and did some Queen, Beatles and Zepp, it was fucking hilarious! he did a second set, i don't rememeber how long it took or what exactly he did but i know i left during the last "jon brion space jam" which i love more than ... well, a lot of things. i followed my friend out. we needed to sleep or walk or something. so my other friends had to rub it in when we walked back towards the largo to drop off some cds' that i burned for them, they had to tell me all that i missed and were surprised that i, of all people, left before it was over.
so anyway, i've got a funeral to go to. shit, i have to find something to wear.

....... more later..........

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