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2:05 AM

BIG STAR - #1 Record/Radio City

This CD is by far one of my all time favorites. tonight my friend and i sat in his car listening to it on his new stereo system. it sure does make a difference.
this cd gives me chills.

i had a very nice fathers day today. i met my friend for dinner and a movie/the terminal, then met up with our other friend for a coffee at the bourgeois pig. it was nice.

i dislike these kinds of days though i.e. fathers day, mothers day, valentines day (that's a given), just any of those holidays where you are forced to buy cards and tell someone that you love them in general sucks. i mean you shouldn't ever have to feel obligated, in my opinion anyway, to buy someone a card or buy flowers. i guess on the other hand, it's a way for families who have a hard time showing their love for each other..... an excuse to make it easier for them to show that they care. i don't have a close family so maybe this is why i feel this way, i'm not sure. the grass is always greener, i supose. i'm happy to know that one of my friends has a super close family and he actually has to attend family functions for everything. i think that is really cool. i don't know if it's something that i could handle though, only because i've lived alone for so long and i'm pretty set in my ways and i hate to be told what i have to do. but i guess if i grew up in that type of surrounding, then i'm sure i would feel differently.

hey bill, are you going to see judah on monday? anyone else going?
i was just told that he goes on first. damn it. i guess i'll have to
miss the willowz at the viper room (sorry guys). if you hear differently, please let me know.
john doe and grant lee are at the largo on wednesday......i'm thinking about it!

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