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9:37 AM

music: Jeff Buckley - Grace

i just woke up. i hit the pillow at 8pm on a saturday night and slept for 13 hours. wow! can you believe it. i was more exhausted from the night of drinking then i was from the emotional intensity from the funeral yesterday afternoon. i saw some relatives that i hadn't seen in well over 10 years. one of my cousins is named "harley" i forgot the story behind it, but he looked like a character from a tom hanks movie thats out now or kinda like the one when he was on the island alone.
then you always have someone in the family who has piercings and tattoos that everyone thinks bad about, as if they are on drugs. i used to be this person. but no more. this younger girl, maybe about 18, was walking around with a tiny shirt on showing off her belly button ring. my aunt gets a kick out of saying out loud "hey suze, do you still have all of your piercings". this is what pisses me off, this is all she can remember of me. i said nope! they are ALL gone, infact they've been gone for 6 or 7 years! so annoying! and i was never the one to show them off.
on the way back my jeff buckley cd was playing and my mom said "who is this, i should know this by now" and i told her and she went on with story, telling my sister that when we took a trip out to see her on the east coast, that we stopped near "mud island" where Jeff drowned. i love it when my mom tells anyone these stories about rock 'n rollers, it shows she actually listens and is interested. oh but the sad part.... my sister didn't know who jeff buckley was. there is just no saving her at all! that is just way to much work. :) it's just fucking heartbreaking! and to think that she is on the air at a radio station in Boston. un-fucking-believable!

i got an e-mail from a friend who's birthday is on monday and he wants to get together with some friends for dinner and a movie tonight in L.A. I'm always up for that. of course i'm gonna try and squeeze the standard in there somewhere. it's always fun to relax with a group of people there. plus the bus boy is super nice to look at!

things i want to do:
get rooney tickets for the wiltern
get reigning sound tickets for henry fonda
be put me on the list for MC5 at the echo/A-HOB shows!

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