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i'm listening to the vacation on 103.1... they are playing live, it's pretty cool!they did "white noise" and "no hard feelings" so far. Ben has a really good radio voice, i just heard a plug he did for their show at the viper room on monday. should be a good show tomorrow, hi speed scene is playing also.
oh... they are doing a new song called "hollywood forever". cool. it's about that cemetery on gower. i've been there a few times actually. now they are doing "trash". i gotta say, i like them a lot better live and electric. just now the DJ guy was playing the wrong song off their new album so when they came back on the air he was flipping through the cd and ben would have to say no, no , no, ok thats the right one and it was so unprofessional, i loved that! it was all live on the air. it was real, no filters ha ha. just like the vacation, "real and no filters". man , i love these guys! i listened to it on my computer and i like how it says the name of each song as it plays.

i just got home from seeing michael moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. we went to 4 different theatres, or called them on the phone but everywhere was SOLD OUT until about the 10 pm showing. finally we get to the pasadena theatre on colorado blvd and got tickets for the 7pm showing, had a nice dinner at houstons (my favorite veggie burger EVER!) and went back to stand in line at 6pm. it was nice to see the movie being so popular this opening weekend! as we stood in line we watched the people come out of the theatre with this look on their face, i couldn't quite read some of 'em but it seemed that they really liked the film. i was trying to look at people to catch their eye and i got two people to say something about it by just looking at them. it was interesting. i like when you have eye contact with someone, it's one of my favorite things to do.
alright, alright... the movie. um... i will say that i think it is an important movie for everyone to see, it shows a completely different side of bush and company that you will never see on .... say .... fox news. it was well put together and was full of important information. the only thing for me was that there was so much information that i missed some of it, i mean it was hard for me to grab all of it in one sitting. i may have to go see it again. i'm not very political at all but after seeing this film, i want to learn more. there were many high points in this film but one that really sickened me was the way the U.S. military targeted these young kids at malls to get them to join, it was just fucking nuts! during the opening scene of the movie is where i started to cry, the screen was all black but you can just imagine what was going on from the sound of the planes crashing into the towers. after seeing this movie it just makes me think to myself, what is the point in voting anymore, i mean it seems like it's not worth it anyway, it's a waste of time, it's all about money and power and we have no "real" say in any of it. that sucks! i think the first 20 minutes of this film is what hit me hard, the rest is the details and important information that everyone needs to know. even if we can't change anything. it makes you wonder if the election is really "fixed". i feel numb! but i also feel anger, frustration and a lot of love...... for michael moore for just having the guts to make this movie. i think he will/is surprised at how well it's going to do at the box office. man, i so would love to go on a date with this guy. i'm serious, just to talk and have some tea.

ok, on the other hand i would love to date ryan gosling from the new movie the notebook. ha ha, ok well maybe just the character because there is no guy in the world like that in real life, darn it! I loved this movie none the less. it's a very romantic, strong soul mate, love story. i can't tell you how many times i thought i'd actually found MY soul's crazy to think you have just one out there. i sorta got lost in this movie, and by lost i mean, lost in a good way, like i was in the movie, it is a great script/story. i love the movies that are set during world war II.

all and all, despite all my plans falling through this weekend. i had a really nice spontaneous weekend. my favorite "spontaneous"
this morning i went to the record swapmeet in Buena Park with my very old friend whom i haven't hung out with in over 3 years really. i haven't been to the record swapmeet in about 6 years. it's fun to run into people that are still into records. a guy walked by me and we looked at each other as if we have seen each other before but i didn't remember where, we smiled and i said i know you but i'm sorry i don't know from where, he said "stacie? no suze right?" i was shocked and felt bad i didn't remember his name then he said "my name is Tracy, and you worked at Bionic Records!" then i totally remembered him. this was like 15 years ago!! there is also a lot of crazy people at these shows as well. i got a job offer, sorta but i just don't want to do retail again. the electric chair in Huntington Beach is hiring right now. i just don't think i can handle working with a bunch of so called punk rock kids and the music they play all day long, it would drive me nuts. they guy who i met today was pretty cool though *swoon*. ha ha. i found a lot of bootleg DVD's that i would have liked to have but they run about 15-25 bucks a pop. i went to find "cocksucker blues" and the guy who sold all the DVD's said that there will be a new one of much better quality out next month. so i'll wait. i played the other Rolling Stones dvd on one of the mini-players that the guy had sitting there and it got stuck, it wouldn't forward to the next track or even stop, so this foreign guy next to me is pointing at it telling me to just take it out and try this other one of the same DVD.... he did this for me WHILE IT WAS STILL PLAYING. the laser was still reading the DVD as this guy takes it out of the player, i soo knew that was the wrong thing to do! i just looked at my friend and we started cracking up and i'm like, um.... i gotta go make a phone call, i'll be right back. i just didn't want to be there when the guy who runs the booth sees that his mini-DVD player was fucked up. We left the swapmeet shortly after that anyway. we kept running into all of his friends and i kept seeing familiar faces but couldn't place from where.
wow! it's 1:22 now, g'nite.

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