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5:47 PM

my cat pete is soo damn cool!
he was in my room making the record player go around with his paw, just sitting there watching it go 'round and 'round. I don't even get mad at him anymore for doing stuff like that. hell, i don't get mad anymore period! except in traffic, but i already mentioned that. anyways i end up laughing at myself for getting pissed in the first place. I like to laugh at people who get upset so quickly!
I'm working back in the Bio-Lab in the hospital where I started out. I'm sure glad it's at least the same pay. I get to see more dead bodies go by. Work is getting slow, budget 's etc... Pretty soon ( a week or two) I'll be looking for another job. If anyone knows of any Administrative/Project Coordinator type work, let me know. thanks. I'd prefer in a creative environment but at this point, I probably shouldn't be too picky.

On the music side of things, I haven't gone out to see a band since Sunday. I think I'm starting to have withdrawls, can't .....breath.....
I went to the movies last night to see Love Actually, I know I know! I do have many other movies on my list to see but for the entertainment value of it, it was cute. I didn't have to think about anything. hee hee. The best part is when the cute little boy falls in love with the 10 year old singer and he learns how to play the drums to win her over. and what do you know, it worked. oops sorry - gave that one away, didn't I? as if you were going to go see it anyway. so there I saved you 10 bucks. you can thank me later.

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