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11:30 PM

music: the new pornographers / nirvana
i just got home from seeing the vacation at the record store.
at least two of my friends out of like 10 that i invited came and liked it. yay!
man, paxton rocks on the drums! i was watching him most of the time.
i took a nap before i left and still wasn't quite awake when i got there so i had
some hot tea then rocked out and now i'm tired again.
after the vacation were over i caught a bit of high speed scene then left to see
UDORA at the hard rock cafe. i parked and looked for my buddy leo but no one was in site and i started feeling impatient (i do this from time to time) i felt like i walked around outside of the beverly center, around the building a few times. it was weird cuz i felt like i could walk forever. i was alone in my thoughts and wasn't in the mood to see a band anymore. i could have walked some more but i wasn't sure about how safe the area was so i just went home. tired now. g'nite.
keep it real {wink}
i'm going to ATP @ the Queen Mary to see IGGY POP and some other bands but now i'm not that excited about it anymore esp. because i wasn't able to get a photo pass this time. i hate going to big gigs w/o my camera!

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