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CD's that I grabbed on the way to work: captain beefheart 'safe as milk', big moma thorton ' ball n' chain, dead boys 'young loud and snotty', butthole surfers ' independent worm saloon (this rocks!) & electric larryland'my CD's are all out of order and I had the urge to listen to the butthole surfers and came across the rest, the captain beefheart is what someone mentioned last night and a friend of mine had made this CD for me awhile back saying I would like it.
It reminds me of Jon Wahl meets 60's hippy rock. You definitely have to be in the mood for this. I'm diggin it right now. Dead boys because I'm going to see rocket from the tomb soon / cheetah chrome was also in the dead boys.

************ wow that was a long intro*********

I went to see 20 Miles, The Vacation and The Rolling Blackouts last night at the Derby. And to think I almost stayed home! after work I came home took a snappy nap and almost said fuck it I'm too tired.
I couldn't miss seeing 20 Miles or the other bands which were like icing on the cake.
so to the The Derby I went! I was still feeling sleepy so I went to the coffee bean and got my favorite hot passion fruit latte tea and drank that outside while the first band was on.
The Rolling Blackouts were great! I can't believe I hadn't seen them before. They are a local L.A. band that has the 70's rock feel but really rockin'!!
The Vacation were up next, they have this new song I've heard a few times now that I like called "cherry cola" or something like that. Sorry if I'm saying it wrong.
I look forward to seeing a set with the new songs. They get tighter and tighter every time I see them. Though Ben still scares me when he comes over and sings in my face, especially when my camera isn't ready. ha ha. Ben did this break dance thing on the floor next to me that was amazing. The man can move!! He also did this sexy chair dance and this was while he was singing. Pure Talent! Seriously.
The whole band is tight. : Paxton on drums, Dutch on Bass, Steve on guitar and Ben rocking the mic.
next up was 20 Miles. Though it was late, nearly midnight people stuck around, which was cool. I think a lot of people are unaware of Judah of 20 Miles only because he is on a smaller label than the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Judahs other band). It's a shame really, because he is a really good guitar player who is trying to do his own music besides just The Blues Explosion. I only own 2 of their CD's, and wasn't aware that they have 4 out, one being the new one. They are on Fat Possum label with amazing old blues bands such as R. L. Burnside, Paul Wine Jones, Junior Kimbrough, T Model Ford.
The last time I saw 20 miles his guitar player was sick, judah broke like 3 strings all night and it just wasn't a good show. This time made up for it completely. The band is as tight as they could be. I'm not familiar with the new songs. They played some old songs which I absolutely love and they did 'going down south' by R.L. Burnside which was almost as if R. L. was on stage singing it himself.
A great night all around.
I had such a great time that I didn't mind just 5 hours of sleep. Though I am staying in tonight.... I think. well let me check my schedule.
raisins are good!

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