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7:03 PM

movie: Amores Perros "loves a bitch" isn't it though?!
um... i've decided to stay home and watch Gael Garcia Bernal, eeer.. um..i mean the movie that he is in called amores perros, he plays a streetwise loser. what do you know ... just my type!! what a lovely man he is!! I should have "À la Folie... Pas du Tout" w/ Audrey Tautou - (he loves me, he loves me not) by monday. I'm into the foreign flicks right now as you can tell.
yes, i've decided to stay home on this beautiful saturday night, put my pj's on, drink hot chocolat and watch dvd's.
i just got an e-mail from my favorite aunt who lives in Kenya, she mentioned that my sister is planning on going to Kenya for a visit in the near future. I totally want to go! I'm sure, my sister doesn't even mention this to me... whatever. i just love how close my family is (she says sarcastically). I just need the money for the plane ticket and I have a place to stay. anyone wanna go?? someday.......
hey - anyone who went to spaceland tonight, let me know how it was. and i'm sorry for missing you once again sara, i'm sure i'll catch you at the hotel cafe one of these days. and to my best buddy in chicago, bern - let me know how rocket from the tombs are tonight, i missed them for some odd reason when they played here. keep warm. ~Suze
ps- turns out that i've already seen this movie before. it was a good one so i watched it again. i tend to do this from time to time.
i stayed home all day on sunday..... the movies on tv suck on sundays. no one called me and i didn't call anyone so i just stayed home. i do have some tenacious D dvd's i could watch....... hmmm.

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