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11:36 AM

music: still dylan, well in my head cuz i'm not listening to anything right this minute.

yesterday while driving home from work i got this incredible feeling of happiness and i started to have all these thoughts about this feeling. I'm talking I was completely giddy and i don't know why. I think it's a choice you make in your life to be happy or sad. wouldn't it be nice if everyone choose to be happy, everyone smiling all the time? traffic is the one thing where my happiness can do a complete turn around. especially when i'm driving alone, i start cussing at people even though they can't hear me then i start laughing at myself. you know what. forgive me, this all sounded so profound in my head and now....not so much! okey, yeah, so point taken. be happy.
i am so glad i didn't stay home last night. i was tired and all but i felt the urge to go to a place where i felt completely comfortable. hmm the largo, yep.
Kennedy was there, but he did some comedy. he dressed up as jon brion, flanny dressed up as Bob, the new guy (forgot his name. sorry guy) he dressed up as flanny, and bob, well he had this most horrifying archie mask i've ever seen on. oh and ellen the bartender dressed as a flapper, she looked amazing with a black bob wig on. the new waitress dressed as audrey hepbern and the other waitress dressed as kennedy. ok the comedy in all of this is that fake flanny (new guy) came on stage and introduced fake jon and fake jon (kennedy) came on stage and fake bob (flanny)kept coming on stage and drinking jons guinness. finally the real kennedy took off the jon brion clothes and proceeded to belt out one of jons songs in a Run DMC style which was the funniest thing ever! Jon Brion finally ended up coming on stage and made flanny turn off the lights while he played halloween theme type music on piano and when the lights came back on he was in this skeleton jumper costume with the hands included. he had the doctors office vibe going on in the back of his costume. Meg and Jack White came in thru the back half way through jons set......well, at first glance. ha ha. cool costumes! PJ the door guy was dressed as a Viking. I wished I'd have dressed up, next year I will if I go to the largo. ps - jon did a great version of Helter Skelter!! awesome.

i was gonna go to the memorial last night but it started to rain really hard, which was cool, i love the rain but it probably wasn't the BEST time to go. Today is beautiful though. I love the after rain feeling. all the scum is washed off the street on (taxi driver) ok so...... have a wonderful w/e!!

it's 6:30pm now. today i got a hair cut and someone mentioned that tom waits may show up at que sera tonight as his old drummer is going to be playing. i highly doubt this is true that tom would show up in long beach at some dive club but it's possible. i just can't be bothered though. i mean, i'm pretty tired. tonight is a good night to stay home and watch DVD's. i'm still waiting for josh to get back to me on that ticket...tick tick tick tick. hmmmm.
i think i'll go have lunch in LA somewhere, hit a movie and the memorial for Elliott.

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