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11:46 PM

music: snowflake

it was a nice day today....i didn't have to work. i took the day off. went to 2nd street in Long Beach and had breakfast at the shorehouse cafe. while i was there "living on a prayer" by bon jovi played from the classic rock station they had on. i swear it's bon jovi week or something for me. too many references on that band lately! i'll get to that later......
last night i went to the largo to see greg behrendt, a funny rockin 40 yr old who has a comedy act called "bring the rock". last nights guests included moon zappa, karen kilgariff, peter stuart and wayne federmen. the "rock" band was called snowflake. they were great! the singer of the band is none other than nina gordon (awesome). They did songs in between the comedy guests. karen talked about her first sexual experience with some guy when she was a teenager, what that had to do with rock? i don't know but she is a funny lady. she also talked about liking adam and the ants as a kid, so did greg. this is when snowflake started in with "ant music" this was awesome! nina sang it slow. next up.... peter spoke of a bon jovi/richie sambora experience he had regarding attending some songwriters class in the south of france that either richie or jon attended.... it was a funny story. he went on to sing "wanted dead or alive"complete with the rocking guitar solos and of course the line......."i've seen a million faces and i've RoCkEd them all" and snowflake came up and did "living on a prayer" and then they did a Led Zeppelin song after a segue from this guy wayne federman. my favorite one of the night was moon zappa. she spoke of her childhood as a teenager which reminded me of mine except of course i didn't have a hit song called "valley girl - OMG, like totally, for sure" she liked the same rock bands as i did and wanted to marry these guys. she used to go to the NAMM show every year with her brother Dweezil, who i totally remember seeing every year at the NAMM show, i even had a slight crush on him. why? i don't know! anyway moon spoke of going to the NAMM show to find Bon Jovi or whoever.....but never did. instead found a certain lead singer who shall remain nameless till the story is over...this guy flew her out to florida for one of his gigs and even got her a hotel room. she was stupid just thinking they were friends. ...buddies if you will. long story short she had an abortion. yeah, it was her only 2nd time having sex and this happens to her. i can't believe she was telling all of us this. she was humorous about the whole thing. she had valley girl money so she could afford it etc....without letting her parents know. The guy later found out and was bummed. she was over him by this time. So snowflake comes on stage and does "round and round" by RATT. yeah, it was stephen percy. I also had a huge crush on this guy back then! I think me and Moon would have been best friends if we had ever met. beside the whole slutty thing, that wasn't and isn't my style. though i may have looked like one back then, complete with the stiletto's, ratted hair out to "here" and little black leather mini skirts. yikes is right! would never have guessed that i was the quiet one admiring from afar.

after all this bon jovi talk lately, i'm gonna say this. go ahead and start laughing now all my friends do. i was at/in two bon jovi videos. "living on a prayer" and "you give love a bad name". yeah, that's right! oh and a poison video "cry tough" and GNR "welcome to the jungle" AND the Nirvana video for "smells like teen spirit" although i'm not seen in it, my friend sarah and gary are all over the place. gary does the back flip on top of the people on the bleachers. sarah is rocking out with long black and red hair while standing. my friend cari is the only one i've shown the "living on a prayer" video to. she actually had a copy. we spend about 15 minutes using the slowmo on the remote and paused it when you can see me. it was just before or right after the drummer throws his drum sticks in the air. not really. i had some good times while growing up 10 or 15 years ago.

.......then at midnight i head over to the silverlake lounge for the vacation show. good. although i just have to mention that the silverlake lounge wins hands down for having THEE WoRsT bathroom I've eVeR been in. i was about to go into the mens and two guys and a girl walk out. um ok..... the girls were taking a long long time...finally i walk in and what do you know ... no paper of any kind anywhere. soo glad i keep kleenix in my purse! i even left some for the nice girl behind me. this other girl came up to us with her herion looking body to tell us her band is playing soon, she was drunk and/or on something. the other girl and i just gave each other this "how sad" look. she then stood in front of the vacation smoking and giving ben and steve the "i wanna fuck your brains out" look. it was pretty sad to say the least. the music...yeah the music. sorry, this is what it's all about...anyway. They sounded good, i was standing in the only area that was open which was next to the stage by paxton. the sound is super loud over there. it was really crowded because it was the FrEE Monday night show. they played a few new songs and i really like the one cherry cola song (again, sorry if i'm getting the name wrong) the other new song they did, i didn't get. I'll have to hear it again or something.
I didn't see any of the other bands that played with them. that was a long monday night....

tired, hungry. 2:30am! nite!!

ps- remember Al's Bar?
man, i had some good times at this punk bar back in those days same with jabberjaw as they also mention in the article. I miss Bogarts and Fenders of Long Beach. :(

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