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10:55 AM

music: grant lee phillips - the Detroit Cobras

another night at the largo. Robyn Hitchcock did a pretty long set. older stuff ... even balloon man. i was surprised he did "so you think your in love". of course his banter is always great. you never know what the hell he is going on about. I was surprised to see all the jon brion largo regulars at this show, well not really surprised just happy. My friend sandy who i hardly ever see anymore and the gang had a table near PJ/the door so i switched seats for awhile with my old friend steve who i haven't seen since the NAMM show last year. he sat at my seat at the bar while i sat at the table. i could tell sandy wasn't into robyn at all just by the look on her face. we went back to my bar seat for awhile. she was just along for the ride. her boyfriend and my ex are big robyn hitchcock fans. we all had a good time.
Grant lee phillips was there, so was Jon Brion! they got up and did some songs - beatles/dylan and other stuff i don't remember.
i may just go on tuesday but i don't know. 15 bucks is a lot for a show you've just seen.
today there is an instore at fingerprints in long beach with new model army - an acoustic set. (clash/jam/billy bragg) kinda sound. it's at 2pm. i'm gonna go. then i'm thinking about going to watch 21 GRAMS at the arc in L.A. - a new movie that just opened.
have a good week. watch out for the stuff in turkeys that makes you feel sleepy!!

......later sunday - just got home. new model army were pretty good. just not my cup of tea. sandy and dave were eating at supermex across the street from fingerprints so i went over after a few songs. i'm super tired now! i ran into a few friends over at fingerprints. jory and i were talking about heading over to ameoba but desided to wait till during the week. i bought the new strokes cd and that "gimmie skelter" various artist cd and also the new Uncut magazine with the Clash on the cover.
i think i'm going to just relax tonight. i'm looking forward to seeing Paul F. Tompkins comdey night at the largo on Monday. ~ S

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