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music: Nirvana

ok, my cat pete... still cute, only not as much anymore..... I get home last night from the Largo and my record player is going around, cd's on the floor and the needle is digging into the LP mat. yeah, you can say i was a little pissed. I'm not really one to own an animal but he just showed up on my doorstep at my old apartment in Long Beach and I couldn't resist. As many of my dates back then, just kidding.
My last one was all black and very small with a crooked tail, i'm talking about the last cat that was on my doorstep, not my date..... I didn't keep that one, though I wished I had still to this day.

Who would have thought that you could be walking by the Largo on Friday night at around midnight and hear everyone singing "tainted love" at the tops of their lungs!
Jon Brion put on one hell of a show once again last night with Tom Brossau opening. Tom opened with "I believe she's lying" he slowed it down alot. It was as if he were telling us a story, the way he sang it reminded me of Mr. Bob Dylan back in the 60's.
Jon took the first request that was yelled out which was "Here we go" (punch drunk love) then continued with T-Rex- The Slider (awesome version i might add!!), The Greys "Not Long for this World" Aimee Mann "Amatuer" The Boss "dancin' in the dark" Nirvana "broken mirrors" (he has been doing this one alot lately).....other highlights..... Gabe, the fiddle player came up. they did pieces of songs like The Replacements "Unsatisfied", The Pixies "Gigantic" - suze's mind goes blank and forgets the rest for now. It was a good night.
Today at 4pm Carla from the Geraldine Fibbers is going to be playing at Ameoba. She is also playing at Spaceland tonight, though I'm not going. I ended up organizing all of my cds only to find out that I need to build another cd rack, which I have no room for.

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