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8:27 AM

Music : The Kinks

It's 8:30 in the morning, I was just asked for my phone number by one of the warehouse guys at my work. We have been sorta flirting back and forth [something I must watch from now on] and he saw me drive up and walked me up to the door asking me what I'm doing this weekend. I told him I usually go to concerts but nothing is going on this weekend [ I just remembered there is this huge gig in downtown with bands doing Stones covers - woo hoo, plus the Seeds are supposed to play] The guy said that I should take him to a concert sometime and I told him that I didn't think he would like anything I listen to. He said why? because I'm Mexican? and I laughed and said no, actually I see a lot of Mexican's at the gigs I go to. I felt strange about what I just said and told him I'd make him a mixed tape. WTF, now I'm to make a mixed tape for someone I don't even know? what do I get myself into? The kid is cute - but I really think this one is super young, like 18. ha ha.
whats that saying in dazed and confussed where Matthew McConaughey says something like "I keep getting older but they just stay the same" regarding being the oldest one in high school. ok, whatever. I'm done.

As I was leaving to go see The Blues Explosion last night, I get a call from my dad on my cell, wondering If I still plan on going with them on Thanksgiving to my step brothers house in.......Lancaster (oh boy!) get this, he wants me to be at his house in Fullerton at 7AM! 7AM!! I don't even know what 7AM looks like unless I'm out until then.

Me: “7am, as in the morning when the sun is just coming up”
DAD: “yes suze, it's not 7 in the afternoon”
DAD: “what are you doing?” [he asks this because I was driving]
Me: “going to a concert in LA”

and to this of course he does the dad thing
DAD: “in the middle of the week?!”
"you don't want to get up early but you can go to a concert in the middle of the week" "suze, someday you will grow up”
ME: "dad, no. no I won't - I will never be like you" kidding, I only said the bit about not growing up.

again, I start to wonder what growing up is…..
The conversation pretty much ends there and I tell him that I just won’t drink the night before I have to be at his place at 7am on Thanksgiving. He told me that was a good idea. I’m thinking…. Wow, that’s funny coming from a man who drank through my childhood! Gotta love dad though.

you have to understand that I rarely talk to my dad let alone joke around with him, but something got into me and I was..... well, myself. It was fun. could this be a breakthough in my family? my mom is a whole other story, I'd need a crowbar or something. [mom if you are reading this - i do love you anyway]. I hope you and Shelly [my sister] have a wonderful time in Hawaii without me!!

Let's just get on with the music talk, shall we. so last night i got free tickets through goldenvoice for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion gig at the El Rey. [Blues Explosion , as they liked to be called now] It was bad enough that they had to downsize from The Fonda Theatre but now Goldenvoice was actually giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the gig. I arrived with my camera, no problem. My buddy Bernnie from Chicago whom I met there for the same gig 2 years ago was also gonna be there. I found him, he bought me a drink and hung out for a bit. THANKS Bern!
(please don't hold my review of the show against me though)
I had a good standing spot, stage left by
Judah "fucking" Bauer this man can play guitar! and he is so damn cute.
I've been trying to figure out what it is about guys with guitars?
ever since I was about 12, i've had a fascination with them. Is everyone like this? well, actually drums, bass, piano or organ, viola, harmonica - pretty much anything.
ok, so back to the show. I've seen Jon Spencer almost as many times as I've seen Mudhoney (that's a lot) and honestly I feel [now this is hard to say because i've been a fan for so long....] ... I feel that JSBX have lost it somewhere along the way. for me anyway. The guys are great and amazing musicians.
I had fun because I was right up front and I can see the sweat dripping off of Jon Spencer, and to me that's always exciting. watching Judah play guitar is a treat as well, and of course Russell, one of the most amazing drummers of our time. It was all good, but I didn't get that "excitement" feeling in my stomach this time. They did play a few noisey new songs which I enjoyed. I think the show was 1/2 and 1/2. Jon sure can wail and scream like no other, or should I say like Elvis? but I almost felt that he wasn't really THERE with us. He/they were more into their "put on a show" mode and not really FEELING anything. .... but that's just me and how i was feeling at this time.

......and NO! It's not that I'm getting older. :)

after the gig, I was happy and I did enjoy myself and It was great to meet some faces from "myspace". I ran into bobby bones from The Morlocks Sky Parade, omg - what a total sweetheart. He came up and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.

If you aren't doing anything tonight......The Vacation is playing at
Star shoes plus free beer until a certain time. sounds good to me.
This saturday a bunch of bands are playing Stones songs in downtown LA. Seems like a good line up. I'll post it before the weekend.


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