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10:58 AM

go vote!
I mean it!
If you don't know much about whats going on, you can look it up on the internet.
It was really easy this year. You would think that they would have thought about
the "electronic screen" way a lot sooner.
Though I'm not political in any aspect, I feel great after voting. It's weird but as I parked at the church to vote, I got all emotional about it. Not for the church but the fact that I was voting.
I believe this is only my 3rd time voting. As I was younger, I just didn't vote at all. I didn't think It mattered.

It does matter. It matters a lot! Just think if no one voted, well I mean if only a "few" people voted....... It's just a scary thought.

You still have time! Most people are voting after work.
don't let the news influence your vote [hearing who is winning already].

Here.... You HAVE to read Jason's blog today.
this is part of it that i've copied and pasted.

JASON: vote today Please vote today. Please, for the love of god - vote today. I don't want to get all serious on you like
before, but just vote.
Seriously. There's no excuse not to. This is very, very important. To find your polling place, go to
I'll write more later, but seriously - don't fuck me on this. Vote. Or I will light your house on fire. And if you really want to be my friend, you'll vote for John Kerry. If you vote for (I can barely write this) George W. Bush, we can still be friends, but we're definitely not going to sleep together. Well, I'd probably still sleep with you. But I'd make sure to do an especially terrible job of it.[Also, I love
Hunter Thompson]- posted by Jason @ 1:21:44 PM

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