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1:56 PM

I’m in a “loady-drone” mood. Currently listening to The new Dead Meadow “shivering king and others”. anyone with me?
Anyone want to come over tonight and drink a bottle of red wine and listen to drone with the headphones? (I’ve got two!).

last night I had a plan of seeing Eugene Edwards with a friend at the Blue Café in Long Beach but first we met for dinner on 2nd street. as I was looking through the LA weekly I spotted an ad for The Pink Mountaintops playing at Koo’s Café (also in Long Beach) at the last minute we decided to go check ‘em out.
I’m so glad that I did because they were great! So great in fact that I almost want to sell my Kills ticket and go catch them again tonight at The Echo in LA playing with none other than the amazing Jon Wahl (The Amadans) former singer for Clawhammer. His voice is an acquired taste.

The Pink Mountaintops remind me of a 70’s rock band with a hint of The Velvet Underground and Neil Young. They have 7 members (2 drummers, 2 keyboards, 1 bass and 2 guitar’s) The two guitar players also sing – guy and girl.
They are sometimes noisy but also mellow 70’s, dirty-porch-rock. I just made that up.

We get to the Blue Café and there was my old friend Cowboy Curtis working the door, my friends used to make up names for people at the blue café, of course we didn’t tell them that. He looked exactly the same…. Cowboy hat, tight levis (gross), Indian looking jewelry and a vest. He comes over to me when my friend left me alone to talk to Eugene and he gave me his “card”… ha ha. It has a photo of him on it with his phone number. I’ll have to post it because It’s really funny.

We had to sit through this awful band who I know owns way to many Alanis Morissette records, before Eugene Edwards came on. The girl was really hard to watch, almost to the point of embarrassment on her part. It’s like “what are you thinking!”
They had that “session” guitar rock sound as if they were trying out the guitars at the NAMM show or something, just a really boring sound that did absolutely nothing for me.
I was super tired by the time Eugene Edwards came on but he kept me interested enough to stay for the whole set. He is a really talented and very outgoing, friendly guy. His influences come out in his playing (B.Springsteen, E.Costello,T.Petty, N.Young) Sometimes he reminded me of Elvis Costello. I could tell he is very passionate about his music, one song in particular that caught my attention the most was called “My favorite Revolution” I would label him as “POP”. I love POP music!

What did I do over the Thanksgiving Holiday, you ask? I shot my very first Shotgun and I hit the clay thingy on my first try. I love the smell of gunpowder!
It was fun but boy does that thing have a “kick” on it. Damn! I still have the bruise on my right shoulder which turned three different shades of purple.

In other news…..
I got back from lunch and there was a lunchroom full of our Motorcycle Team, about 30 good looking young men all dressed up in their Yamaha Racing garb. They were signing their photos. I got there as they were leaving because I’m not into getting autographs but I had to go check these hot guys out. Oh boy were they ever hot, young and rich. I wouldn’t know what to say so I just peaked my head in and grabbed an already signed one and took off.

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