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just sitting here typing whatever comes to mind while listening to the new and brilliant, most amazing cd that i've heard in a long time with headphones on [ gives it that extra punch].
oh... the cd you ask? well it's the new Brian Jonestown Massacre entitled ever so brilliantly "Methodrone". It is shoegazer at it's finest. Anton is a brilliant, amazing, talented, "born to late" genius.
i truly believe that if Anton Newcombe and Jon Brion was able to be in the same room without an explosion then they would be able to make one of the most amazing records of our time.
Jon Brion is the only other musician that i've ever used the word genius on. So for me to say that about BJM you know this is quite a compliment.
perhaps it's all due to the timing and the mood i'm in right now. It's not like I would love anything right now, it's just the right time and feel to be listening to this. If i had just bought say Napalm Death or Slayer right now for the first time I would have to say that I wouldn't be typing the words "genius or amazing" simply because i'm not in that frame of mind. Ask me in a few months and I could very well be listening to the likes of The Dwarves, Raging Slab, Napalm Death or even Pussy Galore. What i'm trying to convay here is that i really dig this new BJM record, that's all.
seeing Dig just last night on the sundance channel sorta swayed my feelings a bit but i've owned records by both BJM and The Dandys before ever hearing about "DIG", which by the way was a brilliant film. It's about two bands that loved each other and hated each other and went on tour together. Miranda Lee Richards said exactly what I was thinking throughout the whole movie "Anton, Please Don't Die!" I often want to say this to all the musicians that I meet but often feel like it's a stupid thing to say to someone. "hey, please don't die - ok" as if that is going to do ANYTHING at all to convince them to stop doing drugs.
just stop thinking with that "special - built in - artist - type thing" that you all have in your head for awhile and just relax, take a break from all the pain and ...........ah fuck , what the hell do i know about any of this! you are going to do what you feel like doing [as everyone should].

on another note.... after watching Dig, I was going to head over the see The Cramps show in Anaheim, but luckily I called first and it was sold out. It's weird but I was relieved, relieved that I wasn't going to be spending 20-something bucks that night. Instead we started watching JACKASS, the movie. OMG, why didn't I see this in the theatres? I don't remember ever laughing that hard, actually crying, that much in my life. It was so stupid ...... and yet brilliant. the point that got to me was the rocket skates, sounds stupid but i just lost it. The bit about the midgets was funny. Just hearing the word “midgets” usually IS funny.
One year when I met my friends from Boston at the Namm show we all were walking down this isle and here comes this midget... not just a midget but a crippled midget. I know that sounds sad but for some reason I had to turn and start walking the other way because I started to laugh uncontrollably, [I do that sometimes at the most inappropriate times]. I noticed my friends did the same thing but started walking the other way, away from me. We all didn’t want to tell each other what we were doing because we didn’t want to offend. They were surprised when I told them why I went the other way. We all were feeling the same way. …. Just couldn’t help it. [I’m truly sorry to those crippled midgets, please forgive me]

after watching Jackass, Roger put it on VH1. I don’t have cable so I was enthralled. I think if I did have cable, unfortunately I would watch T.V. / VH1 every single free minute that I had. The Culture Club video came on for “do you really want to hurt me” and you know what? This song fucking rocks! Boy George was/is brilliant. I remember kids dressing like Boy George in school, it was a bad idea. I don’t think I truly appreciated him until now. But what kid really does “appreciate” anything until they get much much older anyway? Then the INXS video came on for “don’t change” off of Shaboo Shabaa, what a great record that was. I think this still holds up. I was in love with INXS! And remember that movie “Dogs in Space” ? I have this on VHS. great flick, plus I have the soundtrack on vinyl…. Sooo good!

I ended up just heading home, no shows as planned. I was fine with it.
I went to the movies with my friend Rick today, we saw Alfie. It was worth seeing, good soundtrack too. [Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart] Jude Law is fucking beautiful and so were all the ladies in this flick. It was full of beauty. Good story and very entertaining. Of course I couldn’t go to the Arclight Theatre without stopping in at Amoeba Records, the best fucking record store of our time! Plus “amoeba boy” works there {wink, wink} today he was wearing all green and had a cool hat on that looked amazing with his shoulder length hair. Grrrr.
sorry, I just so happen to become 12 when it comes to a crush!
I picked out some amazing CD’s today, if I don’t say so myself. I only spent $72 bucks. I was relieved thinking it would be over a hundred. I highly recommend The Chamber Strings “Gospel Morning” I just finished listening to this one. What talent! Such a waste to know the singer Kevin Junior is probably wasted out of his mind somewhere on the streets. Damn it! Nikki Sudden [Jacobites, Epic Soundtracks fame] plays on this CD as well. I also got Raging Slab, but I haven’t listened to that yet. I just remember seeing them back in the early 90’s and thought they were the coolest thing. They dressed like a cowboy motorcycle gang, really heavy guitar sound, long hair flying everywhere and just rocking the place. So I will have to wait to hear this and see if it still holds up. Other cds I’ll just list because it’s time for bed 12:30…. Damn! The Alfie Soundtrack and Comets on Fire, they are playing at the Echo this week and I was told by a really good source that I will love this band , plus they are on Sub Pop. I forgot to mention one more cd that I recently purchased, Matthew Jay. Have you heard of him? He was a talented kid from the UK but took his life at an early age of 24 by falling out of a seventh storey building. His music is compaired to Nick Drake and Badley Drawn Boy but as I was listening to it, it totally reminded me of a cross between Matthew Sweet and .... and... who else did I mention to you dave? I'll type it in when I remember.
I can't stress enough at how sad it is that people feel the need to destroy their lives.... there must be something you can do to stay alive. .... a nice trip, a nice friend to talk to, sometimes even strangers are good to talk to or put some headphones on and listen to some jazz or blues (but not Britney Spears... that might upset you even more). Somebody loves you very much and would do anything for you, you just have to try and remember that before you take that next terrible step towards nothingness.

Not if you were the last Junkie on Earth” By The Dandy Warhols – such a great song!

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