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Music: Comets on Fire (new one) and Nick Drake (pink moon)

I ended up going to the Echo last night to see yet another amazing show with Dead Meadow and The Warlocks. I didn't go to see The Faint and T.V. on the radio because I thought I was being blown off so I made other plans real quick so I wouldn't miss an amazing show. Plus I was a little relieved that I didn't have to spend 30 bucks! The guy finally called me back regarding the extra ticket to purchase but kinda to late. So I just told him good luck selling it and I'm sure he would have no problem in doing so beings I knew of some people (ok, i lied - i only knew of one person) going down there to buy a ticket at the door. It was a sold out show. It sorta teaches the guy to "be on time" and "keep in close contact as to what time to be there". I did feel bad and he told me to have fun at the show after I told him to have fun at his (i don't even know this guy, but he seemed very nice, yet "late") He called me back telling me he doesn't see anyone there wanting tickets only scalpers and I told him that I was truly sorry. I'm sure if I didn't answer my phone that time , he would have left me a nasty message.
I admit that I did want to go see both shows but I just made it a tie breaker by seeing if he had called by a certain time and he didn't. If he answered his phone in the first place, I would have gone. oh well.
Dead Meadow, once again proved to be one of the greatest bands I've seen this year (I said one of them... there are many) and I have to mention the D.J. I love the DJ! He played and old Nirvana song then Mudhoney "touch me I'm sick" then a Loop song. I just wanted to go up and Kiss him and tell him that he just made my night and The Warlocks haven't even come on yet!!
I took a bunch of photos of Dead Meadow, that bass player is fucking rad! His sound is so fucking heavy, sorta Black Sabbath style with a hint of Loop and My bloody Valentine. They were so fucking groovy! The Warlocks finally came on around midnight, I was tired but yet still in the mood to rock. I started to take photos and there was lots of fog on stage, I was shooting 3200 speed film but still had some trouble with the new camera (i should have read the directions, as i'm still not familiar with all the dials yet) I was annoyed by this drunk girl who came over by me and started to chat... it's like "shut the fuck up, can't you see a band is on stage!" she even said something that annoyed me even more; "it's hard to take photos with all that fog on stage huh". I just wanted to bitch slap her back to the bar. ((I hope you know that i'm not a violent person and that most of the time i'm kidding )) so anyway, it was time for me to go home. The Warlocks rocked and I'm glad I got to see such an amazing show 2 nights in a row. I have no regrets for missing The Faint or T.V. on the radio.

I'm looking forward to going to the Echo this Tuesday for that Special show with all these bands doing covers. Kennedy is doing The first Ramones record and The 88 is doing Dylan and so on. You can read about it over there on the side of my blog if you click on "rock schedule".

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