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6:26 PM

Music: Radiohead - The Bends

The weekend is almost over. I'm just rockin' the Radiohead Cd's tonight. I only got out of the house today to go shopping. I got an ipod case so i can put it on my arm (and look cool) while I'm working out. I went to go get a new cell phone today but now they say I have to wait until Monday due to problems of the switch over from at&t to cingular.
I got my ipod over the weekend and so far I've uploaded 2,500 songs from my computer, now i'm going through a pile of CD's to stick on there.
I also received the Freaks and Geeks DVD yearbook thingy, so i'm looking forward to seeing those once again.

Friday after work my friend Roger and I took the train "blue Line/red line" to The Wiltern to see Wilco. It was a great idea! We got there right at 8pm and Carla Bozulich (former Geraldine Fibbers and Ethel Meatplow) was on. To my surprise Nels Cline (her husband or boyfriend) was playing guitar with her. He is a fucking amazing guitar player. Her new stuff rocks! It reminds me of her CD called "Butch" by Geraldine Fibbers. good noisey stuff!!
Roger had a seat upstairs and I was on the floor. I found an excellent standing spot, leaning on the first railing right behind the VIP area. I met a girl who was in the same position as I was in so he hung out talking while we waited for Wilco to hit the stage. She had seen Wilco the night before and said that was amazing. Before Wilco came on I ran into Bob Bruno from the largo (Jon Brion's old guitar tech) he told me he opened for Jon a few Fridays ago and will be doing so again sometime.
Wilco did a lot of old songs, Nels Cline come out and played guitar with them. It really added to the band. Not that Jeff Tweedy needs any help from anyone. during one of the songs Jeff had the audience screaming along with Nels "screamer effect" on his guitar. It was fun. Wilco rocked even more than I expected, a little more noisey and louder than I thought. really cool!
Towards the end of the night he did a very fitting song, "Don't Fear the Reaper" of course this was after a little politics/Bush talk. The only thing I was thinking about was "MORE COWBELL", the SNL skit and I started laughing. It was an amazing show.

On the way home Roger and I ran into some gang members on the train. Lucky we were almost at our stop. As they walked on they were rapping along to their beat-box, which was kinda cool. They were smoking, that was gross and smelling up the whole train. A couple of other guys from way in the back came up near us and sat and was watching the gang. I kept thinking that I didn't really want that kind of excitement this weekend to write about. I was a little scared. When the train stopped the two guys got off and so did we. They looked like "nice" gang members though. I made eye contact with them on the train and I even smiled. I could tell that Roger wanted to hold back a little and let them go ahead of us. There was no one else around and I was a tad bit scared but I didn't want them the smell fear on me so I walked side by side with them down the stairs holding my car key in my hand in the 'fighting position' ha ha, as if I had a chance in a fight with these two huge guys. They didn't bother us at all.
well, I gotta go cuz American Dreams is on. :)

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