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1:04 PM

besides having the headache in my eye as usual lately, i now have an actual headache from drinking to much last night, and i didn't have water and an aspirin before bed. Wouldn't you know it, i'm busy today more so than the whole time i've worked here. I've got 4 things to do that will take time and signatures later. So what am I doing on my blog? ha ha.
Roger and I headed out to see Comets on Fire at the Echo last night. I am so glad I went. From what I can remember..... the first band was a guy in a monster costume just shredding on an "thing" it wasn't a guitar, more like something homemade that sounded like ... well, melodic noise, if that makes any sense. I think the name of the guy was "smegma".
then another band came on, it was as if all these white trash grannys got together and said "hey, lets start a band! if junior here can do it so can we" and ta.. da.. the "whitetrashgrannyband" was born. There is no right way to explain them. I think it was drone but every once in awhile zz top looking "cool motherfucker of a beard" grandpa threw in some guitar licks, sometimes blues sometimes just rock for fun. I was in shock as what i was seeing on stage. I'm sorry that I didn't take a single photo of them. I didn't catch their name either. Comets on Fire were up next. I got right up in front of the stage after they did a few songs. The guitars just pummeled me. god, how i love noisey rock bands! I desided to stay to see Wolf Eyes. They were great as well, i especially liked when the guy just started screaming at the top of his lungs, he didn't do this on every song though. I'd go see both bands again if they ever came back around.
I just found out that T.V. on the Radio is sold out for the sunday show at the Mayan Theatre. I wanted to go to this! anyone? anyone?
Tonight I may go see Jon Brion or go see The Dwarves in San Pedro. I'd like to go see Brian Jonestown Massacre but i'm just afraid Anton will stop mid-set and fire his bandmates.
Saturday The Warlocks and Dead Moon are playing at the Troubadour, i'll probably head over there.
ok, i must try and focus on these stacks of papers on my desk. try to earn my keep.

PS - Guys, Don't get married young, always wear a condom and be honest with your feelings or you will end up like this man here.

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