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8:34 AM

Music: Comets on Fire (sub pop)

Last night I stayed home once again. I think it's been something like two weeks since I've seen a band!
I listened to Dylan's "Time out of mind", The Chamber Strings "Gospel Morning" and Evan Dando's "Baby I'm bored" while watching Dazed and Confused in the background (I just bought the DVD) This movie will never get old, it's a classic.
Then I watched Hi Fidelity. Another classic. I love the bald kid that worked in the record store (Dick). One of my favorite scenes in the movie was where "Rob" put on The Beta Band "the three ep's" and said that he will sell 5 copies, everyone pretty much stopped what they were doing and started groovin' to it. Such a great record!
....when I worked in a record store, I would throw on Napalm Death (songs are 3 seconds long - SECONDS not minutes) or Nick Cave's "scum" song, sometimes I'd mix it up a bit and but on Cher's "If I can turn back time" - I used to mimic her as I walked down the isles straightening the tape's.

I entered a photo contest via Sub Pop. I picked out 3 photos of Sub Pop bands that I've taken and e-mailed them for the contest. Perhaps I can win a digital camera or a photo editing program for my computer or at least get my work out there.

I did absolutely nothing at work for the past few days. You know in the movie Office Space where the guy admits he only does about 15 minutes of work all day..... well I got him beat, try zero minutes of work in TWO days! I just figure that I do everything that is asked of me [mostly re-do spreadsheets to make them look nice or update and keep track of the helicopters that we sell] sometimes I can find things to do but not lately. My boss likes me and he's hardly here, so I'm really not worried, but at the same time I feel like I need to keep busy for my own frame of mind. [I was just interrupted because everyone started talking about the three stooges] , it's a cool bunch of people that I work with. Everyone gets their work done then we just sorta take breaks and talk about stupid stuff.

I'm looking forward to going to The Echo tomorrow night to see Comets on Fire. The band is so noisy and loud and full of energy.

PS does anyone live in Seattle and Oregon who is going to see The Hunches and The Kills on Dec 3rd and 4th? I'm totally thinking about a vacation.... fly, rent a car then take the train back and fly home. (hey, Gene.... you still living in Portland?)
I don't know if I'm actually going, but I'm seriously thinking about it!

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