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music: the hives

I am bored! I'm at work and seriously there is nothing else to do. My boss is working out in the warehouse getting ready for the anaheim convention thingy this week/end. I told him that I'll go put some Levi's on and help him but he is the type of guy that doesn't want women doing a mans job (i'm assuming) he doesn't know that i used to do the tire changing when it came down to that with my last boyfriend. yeah, i like to do stuff like that. i didn't want my boyfriend to ruin his "piano hands" and boy are they beautiful! I think i have drummer hands (whatever that means)..... always has to got back to "music".
so yeah, i'm listening to the new hives and it's pretty good. I am excited about going to see the show tonight but i'm not excited that it is sold out and it will be packed. well at least i know many people won't be there to see Reigning Sound (possible the best band in town) so i can at least enjoy them. i don't care much about seeing the sahara hotnights. i like them alright but i don't care if i see them live. I am pissed that The Fonda doesn't allow for photos to be taken tonight.

ok somethings gotta go wrong soon - this is too good to be true. I'm sitting here at work listening to music and searching the net (updating my blog) and buying Pixies Tickets on-line (yeah - i got 'em for both nights) now i gotta find a date or two..... hmmmmm...

This Thursday afternoon I get to go to the Anaheim Convention Center to check out some Unmanned Helicopters (oh how i wish it were
THE HELLACOPTERS) for my work.

I started making these lists of things to do - - this is how bored I have become!
1. transmission fluid (need to do soon)
2. new printer ( i want to make iron on's - for t-shirts )
3. electronic drums (for practice)
4. digital camera (yeah, i know - i said i wouldn't)
I guess this list is more of an "I WANT" list rather than a "TO DO" list.
Things I want to do...
1. go to Yosimite and hike the half dome again
2. drive to Boston
3. go to NY
4. walk around Hollywood at night
5. play drums
6. practice piano more often
7. visit/find old long lost friends:
eric gallow in chino - cool rocker guy that lived around the corner from me.
eric short in cape cod (the one that got away). hot guitar player on the east coast.
tracy heiser(maiden name) in Oregon - we grew up together in Norwalk, Ca.
brian brown from cypress high class of '86 - not popular. but coolest guy at school (i think)
mike powell from England (ex-stand up bass player of the love cowboys)- fell in love one night with this one.
"smiles" a guy from largo that i let get away without talking to him, we just kept smiling at each other all night at a grant lee show many years ago (ok so this one isn't really a long lost friend - more like a long lost ship passing in the night).
Sarah Miller - an old next door neighbor i used to babysit, i always wondered what ever happend to her. she made me play Joan Jetts - "i love rock n roll" over and over again, her parents thought i was corrupting her, i'm sure. they should just be thankfull I wasn't into my punk faze yet.
Brent & Michelle (kids) Gary & Renee (parents) also old next door neighbors, they moved to Corona.
Todd & Michelle Bumbarra (the kids) also old next door neighbors.
I'll think of more, i'm sure.

The Willowz are playing a few shows coming up (check the rock schedule).
now i'm listening to Jon Brion, a bootleg - which is f'ing amazing and now I feel like going to see him again. I'm sure i will but just not as much as I used to.
I just checked out this new guy called
Griffin House on the largo website and he sounds pretty great. I'll probably go check him out one of the nights he's there later this month. He's got that singer songwriter country feel to him (story telling type) with a touch of that whiskey voice.
The Backyard babies are coming up pretty soon at the troubadour. Guided By Voices are playing there farewell tour in a few months at Canes in San Diego (i read). The Shore has a new full length CD out now (as in today). c'mon stephen, i know you wanna buy it! even though they are the new "reo speedwagon". i love that! hee hee.
Jon Brion is working on some more soundtracks/music scores for movies..... I Heart Huckabees starring Jude Law and Naomi Watts.

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