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Music: Rolling Stones "metamorphosis"

"I'd much rather be with the boys - Rolling Stones"

I was looking for this on CD ever since Reigning Sound covered "I'd much rather be with the boys". To tell you the truth I like The Reigning Sound version much better.

"I'd much rather be with the boys - Reigning Sound"

although this cd called Metamorphosis by The Stones is quite good, in my opinion. It's totally a brian wilson/beach boys faze they were going through. I'm not so much of a Beach Boys fan, although some of the stuff is amazing, just never was a big fan. just like some people prefer the stones over beatles......that one is hard to choose for me because i love them both. If you asked me when I was a teenager I would have said The Stones no problem but as I grew older I got into The Beatles. I actually had a hatred for The Beatles at one time, only because my boss at one of the first record stores I worked at as a teenager played everything by the Beatles all day long. He was a Beatles nerd! We are talking, interviews, live stuff, bootlegs... you name it - this guy had it. My co-worker Dennis, who now owns and operates The Bionic Records/Furnace Skateshop Chains, we used to go crazy having to listen to The Beatles all day long. I think Dennis is still fucked up from that experience and will never want to hear The Beatles ever again.
So I'm listening to Metamorphosis and it's growing on me, I may even buy some Beach Boys CD's other than "Pet Sounds" that I already have. give me time.

I haven't really gone out other than to see Jon Brion on Friday. Not a huge excitement but if you've never seen the guy, i'm sure it was. Jason Schwartzman was roaming around, now if only jude law was! I'm kidding. I'm sure he was there because of the I heart huckabees movie that is due out soon. Jon Brion has his hands in that one.
This past weekend I did take the metro (blue line) from Long Beach to LA/Amoeba Records. I love taking that thing, it's pretty cool. it was only 3 bucks and you can go anywhere all day/night long. So we went to my favorite restauraunt Houstons in Pasadena to. We had to hop on the Yellow Line for that. I'm gonna do this more often. It beats traffic, which has been getting worse and worse in LA and I don't have to buy gas! The metro is good for people watching. Although i did run into a few punks, not as in punk rock but as in older brats, i didn't mind, it all goes with the experience. One guy stood right in front of me and did a pull up on the bar above me head... i had to look away towards this other guy and it was like he was reading my mind and my mind was laughing, because he smiled. I didn't want to look directly at the pull up guy because I would have laughed in his face, he might have been stripped of his ego.
I could have done without the screaming kids and moms that yelled at the kids though. It's like, give the kid the quarter that he thinks he lost *but you found and kept, just to shut him up! Sometimes I wonder where the kids get their brattiness from *duh.

This weeks gigs:
Frisky Jones 11pm and Vexy Strut midnight and Paul Chesne 1am at King King on Wednesday.
Griffin House with Teiter at The Largo. I think I'm going to this one. although I'd like to shoot some more photos of VS and Brady (Frisky Jones) ah well, what are ya gonna do!
Griffin House is also playing on Thursday but I plan on seeing Ben Kweller at the Anaheim House of Blues.
Did anyone go to The Sunset Junction? I didn't go.
have a good week. buy a lottery ticket, it's up to like 74 million now! Could you imagine?!
I'd have a huge party and have bands play (maybe the stones) and have these envelopes with a check in each one to give out to everyone that comes! then just travel.

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