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1:58 PM

writers block!
not that i would even call myself a writer, i'm far far from that for sure. it's just that earlier i was thinking about stuff to write about but now ..... not so much.

I went record shopping this weekend, spending close to $200 bucks. As soon as I listen to the cd's i bought and depending if I like them .... i'll write about 'em later.
I went to rockbottom with my friends roger and john on saturday night. It was pretty dead in there as we sat at the bar all night. I only had 2 beers and some nachos - i didn't count how many they had because they are pretty big guys who are used to drinking a lot.
anyway, i noticed this guy sitting clear across the bar from me who looked somewhat interesting. i asked roger what finger does a wedding ring go on because i always forget. though now i remember someone telling me it's the left and to remember that is where your heart is. hmm. anyway, i kept looking at him as did he and about 2 hours later he came up from behind me and sorta wedged his way in to grab the seat next to me and just held out his hand and said " hi! my name is so and so" i'm thinking it was peter but i'm so bad with names. i don't know how we got on the subject but it turns out that we went to the same high school and he was a few years behind me. We somehow got on the subject of music and he mentioned that his all time favorite is Pink Floyd. my thought ... oh gheez, why! and I told him that PF is the only band that I can not stand and have to actually change the station when it comes on. he didn't seem upset, we just laughed. i was being honest. after about an hour into our conversation he asks what i was doing there and i just answered it was either this or stay home watching netflix and i asked him what he was doing there.... he said "well..... my WIFE and kid are out of town and it was a free night for me to grab some beers" i already knew he was married, there is no harm in talking with some married man - it's not like he tried to pick up on me or vice versa. i don't know why he came over to me in the first place but i'm thinking because i looked bored as did he so why not talk. i'm glad he did. before i knew it - it was 1am and roger was nudging my shoulder asking me if i'm ready to roll. i was surprised at the time. i told "peter" that it was nice meeting him and i was on my way.
i'm not one to go to bars to meet people, but i gotta tell you it was nice to have a guy come up to me - even though he WAS married. at least it wasn't one of those guys with the cheesy lines spitting in your face as they slur every word.

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