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PJ Harvey kicks ass! It was great to see her in such a small venue as the Henry Fonda. She oozes energy, excitement and beauty. I think Jon Brion as the opener was a splinded idea. It was cool to look around at the audence when he did his "looping". Jon was up there all by his lonesome doing full songs just as a regular 5 piece band would be doing. As I've mentioned a few times in the past... the guy is a f'ing genius. the very last song started out to be "you made the girl" on the first few beats of the drum and he changed his mind. i'm sure no one noticed. I was hoping that Josh Klinghoffer would have gone up and played the guitar on that one. When they get together on that song, it can last for 40 minutes. perhaphs that is why he changed his mind. Josh plays guitar with PJ now (excellent gig for him).
The Black heart procession were great as well. I'm sure if i wasn't in the mood for them, I wouldn't have thought so highly of them. They had that Radiohead/mesmorizing feel about them. I was in a daze most of the time they were on stage. I may have to head back over to Amoeba and grab a cd of theirs. while I'm there I should just f'ing talk to mr. light blue pants. oh man, he had these faded torn and frayed levis on with a plain white t-shirt yesterday. that is my favorite!
It took forever for PJ to get her ass on stage, i was about to say fuck it but i have her 5 more minutes and she was on in 2. lucky for her.
I am not good with song names but she did a few old ones right off. man! I mean if you know her music at all.... just think of the energy that is put into those old albums and thats what you get Live. It's amazing how much punk rock she has in her for such a little thing. I was pretty close to the stage and just stayed there as I used to when i was much younger just enjoying the show and not taking photos. I was very happy to say the least. and I have said the least.

oh ... how can i forget. I also went to the secret Jeff Buckley movie/documentary - amazing grace that was showing at the Arclight for Don't Knock the Rock. Jeff's mom was there to talk and answer questions. If you know who Jeff Buckley is (good for you) you know it was a tear jerker. It was done very well and will be showing at Woodstock. They are also releasing a CD from the Grace Days... I think it comes out on the 24th with some "unheard" songs.

If you are a huge Helmet fan as I am then you will be pleased to know that they are going to be playing the Troubadour in October. other ones to look into at the troubadour soon..... Hot Snakes, Melvins and Sebadoh. HELMET is going to be as good as The Hunches (this is how much i LOVE them!)

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