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music: reigning sound - " you got me hummin' " i can listen to over and over and over again but never get tired of.
The song rocked so much that Greg Cartwright broke two strings at once but he played it anyway and it STILL rocked! I very much enjoyed watching RS last night. I just wish they would do a headline tour so they could play longer but in a smaller place such as Spaceland.

They have a "country" feel to them, and yet they rock. Greg has excellent song writing skills, he's been around long enough to know what works and what can make you feel. I mean.... I can watch the guy while he is playing up there and I can tell he is feeling something. He sings of heartache, pain and love.

They played a lot of songs i wanted to hear. i noticed they didn't do one of my favorites called " i'd much rather be with the boys" which is an old STONES tune that johnny thunders also coverd and also " you don't hear the music". They played a lot that i haven't heard before, I better check on what they have out because I thought i had everything. (too much guitar, time bomb high school and break up break down) I even have a few Oblivians CD's. I ran into a friend who was telling me about some other bands Greg, the singer was in. I must have everything! I'm thinking that I really want to go to the Las Vegas rockaround fest now, just to see them.

The Sahara Hotnights took the stage and I was so over this whole rock 'n roll experience and was happy when my cell phone rang and a male voice was on the other line - i had no idea who it was. i could only hear him tell me to go to the patio. So on my way, i run into Ritchie from The Willowz. He just got back from NY with a bunch of secrets that he wasn't gonna share with me.
He seemed happy though so i'm thinking it was all good news! I'm excited to be seeing them play very soon. check the rock schedule, I put their shows up on that.

ok... so back to the guy.
I walked up the stairs and into the cool night air. He appeared in front of me as I turned around. I was happy to see a familiar face. While we were talking this little punk rock kid with a spiked mohawk came over and asked if he would buy him a beer. At first I thought it was a friend of his, a very young 17 yr old friend at that. but nope. The kid was just trying to score some beer for himself and his friends. He didn't know what to ask for and said he didn't want to break a 20. weird kid. so mr. little punk rocker gave my friend some one dollars bills and asked for a corona and some extra cups. ha ha. I walked over with him to the bar and we laughed at the whole situation, trying to remember what is was like being 17 again.

They didn't have Corona so we got the kid newcastle instead - now thats an upgrade! giving this kid some taste. I handed the kid his beer and extra cups and he went back over and sat with his friends [ a bunch of girls......]

The Hives were about to go on so we head down the stairs. The Hives were great, it's just I wasn't much into it. We left pretty much after they did "walk idiot walk" which I wanted to stay for (lame- i know) but I just love the drums on that song! I was pretty much not feeling the rock anymore and was OK to leave at any time. As was he.
We both bought a Reigning Sound t-shirt and left a little early. I parked way down the street. I will never pay for parking - thats just me. I like to walk anyway.
So he walked me to my car. I'm glad he did because it was a little shady where I parked.

I'm at work, bored again. I brought in my July issue of a magazine called WORD (music and more) with Jeff Buckley on the cover to read. So far today I made a phone call to get medical insurance, i e-mailed a few friends and helped my boss with some fixings on his powerpoint presentation that was due this afternoon. He is now at the Anaheim convention center and I'm here bored out of my mind. I'm not going to complain to much due to the fact that I was out of work for so long and complaining about that.


Don't knock the Rock has a Music AND Film Festival so check out the link located on the sidebar. Lot's of cool movies are gonna be played at this film festival including "Gram Parsons" Fallen Angel" This is a pretty much MUST SEE for me. It just sucks that it's on a Thursday at 7:30pm at the Arclight. oh well. I got my tickets for PJ Harvey/Jon Brion/Black Heart Procession for Aug 15th at the Fonda. This will be a very cool show.

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