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10:10 AM

Music: "listening to 103.1 at work"

so far It's been ok, not the best music to play but better than anything else on the radio these day. although i've been getting into the ..... what they call... Classic Rock lately.
wednesday i went to see Teitur and Griffin House at the largo. excellent show. Griffin House was just him and piano player. Teitur was great to. I'm distracted right now and can't think of a way to describe them. If you are into singer/songwriter type music then check their websites for more info. I think Teitur will be very popular if not already!

i just got back from taking a walk on my break...... on my break from doing nothing that is.
i'm tryin' to figure out where to eat, i'm sick of going home for lunch. can you believe it... no one won the lottery! it's gonna be over 100 million dollars. must play, must win! i knew a guy in long beach that won it a few years ago (4 or 5 years), i think he won about 4 million take home and i think it's all gone now. good 'ol randy! he's got a nice old cadillac though.

i'm hungry! i'm bored! i'm making lists in my head again! stop!

whats going on tonight besides good 'ol JB at the Largo? i'm sorta getting burned out on watching QL from Netfilx! it's just not as good as i remembered it.
more to ramble about upon my return from lunch, that is unless i get super busy with actual work.

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