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.... Kick out the Jams motherfuckers! the MC5 with mark arm and evan dando was awesome tonight. Mark Arm had the same kind of energy as he did in his early mudhoney days, which i missed from him the last few muhoney shows. i was shocked at how he belted out the songs tonight. he and evan sang together on a few and evan did a few on his own but it was mostly mark up there. evan seemed a little shy, it was cute and i think he did a fine job. the turn out wasn't so hot but who cares. i don't know what else to say about the show..... it was pure energy, pure rock'n roll at it's finest. Mark has the best screams out of many rock 'n rollers! he was just up there giving it his all! at one point he was in the audience dancing with a biker looking guy, they were twirling each other around, it was funny. (hey, bernnie... i don't what you meant when you said evan was all messed up because, he was totally fine tonight) i'm looking forward to the spaceland show on wednesday, i'm sure it will sell out beings Nebula are the openers. yay!
not much else to say......
i did go see jon brion on friday, and he did a lot of beatles songs, lots of sing a longs for the audience. gabe came up and did "ohio" again. man i love when he does that!
it was a good night. before we saw jon, we .... meaning a few largo regulars and some others, went to see my friend Erich's band at the gig on melrose first. they were so good! but man, i'm not drinking anymore. i know i had a good time and the band was good and all but i can't say much more.... and that is starting to suck for me! I want to write more about it but just can't remember the details....
this was because we drank and ate pizza first then went to the gig... then to see jon. the only thing that sorta stood out seeing the objectives, besides all the colorful lights.... was when erich stopped the band at the start of a song and made them all start over. i thought it was cool, but i guess the band was sorta mad at him for that. it's all rock n' roll, not a big deal. i've seen this happen at many cool shows before. point is ..... no more drinking on friday nights. we all rushed back over in time to catch jon brion, this is where i stopped drinking and i felt better the rest of the night.

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