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i've skipped a few things lately but i'll go back to them now. first of all i would like to say, this is not my very personal diary, i don't type all my secret thoughts on this, i wouldn't do that. i guess it may seem that way to some, but honestly i'm just an open/ minded person. i don't read other peoples blogs much mainly because i'm to busy not because i feel like i'm invading their privacy. I write this mainly for the simple reason for my memory. sometimes i go to four shows a week and forget what i've seen. only certain times do i get so blow away by a band that i will always remember them.... such as THE HUNCHES!

alright so let's see.... the 4th of July. I had a plan of going to the standard with some friends to hang out... i guess it wasn't a good plan for the 4th because too many others had the same plan. i don't like crowded places because you can't enjoy anything. and the people that my friends and i saw going up to the roof of the standard... PLEASE! NO THANKS! not the people that i would want to be around. It looked like the Newport Beach bus just dropped a load of 'em off and they forgot their shoes and shirts. blah! Rick, Jake and I continued to play pool downstairs in the lobby waiting for Sean and Erich to arrive so we can tell them that we can't go up because of this enormous party still going on. We all ended up at the Cat & the Fiddle for dinner and some jazz. That was nice. We decided to go to the arclight to see what was playing beings it was within walking distance. I'd already seen spiderman 2, which wasn't that impressive the first time but it seems that none of them have seen it yet so I, as a good friend decided to go see it again. I should have taken Erich up on his offer to see a different movie with me (the clearing or even the Notebook for the 2nd time would have been great). but no..... i didn't.
after the movie, they all were very amazed that i was able to sit through Spiderman for the second time. a couple of them fell asleep, one didn't care one way or another what we were watching and Jake actually liked it. that was my 4th of July. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, but we could have done without the movie.
I didn't do to much this week, just watched more movies, i went to see harry potter which was good and napoleon dynamite which had it's moments. but my favorite was the notebook, typical romantic chick flick which i'm a sucker for. on netflix i've been watching "how to deal" yes, mandy moore... ha ha, it was kinda cute, it had some good lines in it - i just really dug the whole 'jedi trick' that was played on mandys character. i got wonderland in the mail but it was totally cracked so i'm waiting for a replacement, i watched under the tuscan sun with diane lane... i like her especially in "unfaithful", this movie was just alright, pretty scenery. chelsea walls was just alright with ethan hawk, somewhat interesting but all in all i wouldn't want to see it again. i finally finished watching the unforgiven with audry hepburn... it was just ok, not her best work - it's a very old cowboy type movie.

enough with the movies already... i bought some books to read; nick hornby/songbook (in hardback and it came with a cd!), lester bangs/psychotic reactions and carburetor dung (a friend recommended it, bang your head/david konow, and Old gods almost dead/stephen davis. but you know what ... i started reading the "da vinci code" and i got to chapter four so far. i always find other things to do other than finding time to read.

last night a friend of mines band "fly denver" had their debut at the prospector in Long Beach. I first heard his demo cd almost two years ago and i was quite impressed with what i heard. it was so good that i didn't know why he wasn't playing during that time. seeing them last night .... um, i do want to say that they sucked....... that would be harsh and he may not want to talk to me again. the singer was awful, just your typical "green day" sound. the drummer has potential but i heard so many mishaps, though i gotta hand it to him, he was really trying with all these impressive fills and whatnot, he has balls! and in a few years, i think he will still be playing. i think my friend was the best of them all really, he sorta stood out and i even liked his singing better then the singers... way better in fact. and i'm not just saying this because he's my friend. i already mentioned that they sucked didn't i? well then... his mic was turned down way to low though. he is the only one who even looked remotely rock'n roll, he had the whole rock'n roll style. i can only describe them as a pop rock band with a green day feel. i understand it was their first show and all and i really think they might have something if they just got rid of the singer. but what do i know... it could be something a lot of other people love. i mean look at all the bands that kroq has played in the past, i don't like 99% of them and they are doing just fine without my vote. :) my friend jeff ended up going with me and i'm glad i had someone there to talk to or i would have probably left after the first song. he liked the 3rd song which i can't remember anything about. we left right after they were done. it was an early night.

tonight should be fun... i'm going to see another friends band at The Gig on Melrose then catching Jon Brion at the Largo with him. I've seen his band before, they are called "The Objectives" and they are good, great song writting, great talent. I'm looking forward to it. :)

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